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Apr 19, 2008 08:45 AM

In SF for the Weekend with Mom - Ladies' Lunch?

My mother and I are east-coasters -- DC and NY -- with experience in good eating. We're staying at in SoMa for the week-end but need some recommendations for lunch/brunch dinner. Going to the Farmer's Market this morning for bfast, but are walking thru SoMa towards Union Square and want a great ladies lunch spot -- sunny and open, nice decor -- a place to have a fantastic 12 salad. Someone recommended Beldon Alley, but that looks a little crowded. If it's warm enough and we sit outside is one rest. better than the other?

And for dinner, we had sushi at Ozumo last night -- near our hotel and very good. We're hoping for something similarly in the neighborhood for dinner tonite -- but more local seafood, maybe a more casual, less pricey version of Aqua. Don't know how seafood oriented, but Boulevard and Salt were both recommended by a discerning friend...Thanks, Chris

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  1. For lunch you might try The Rotunda at Nieman Marcus. Can't be sunnier more ladies who lunch than that.

    On the other hand you might have dim sum at Yank Sing near the farmers market.

    Why not Tadich which is near Aqua ... old time SF seafood house. Stick with fresh fish like sand dabs or cioppino

    1. For lunch or possibly dinner, you might consider Cafe de La Presse, which is literally a casual, less pricey offering of the the same people who run Aqua. It's not particularly seafood-oriented, but has a number of fishy options.

      1. The Terrace at the Ritz Carlton screams "Ladies Lunch" to me and has a nice outdoor seating.