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Apr 19, 2008 08:32 AM

Barneys Beanery Pasadena??

Every other month 6 friends of mine get together for dinner. We have been doing this for 8 years or so. One guy whom lives in Sierra Madre ( his turn to decide ) just let us know that we are eating at Barneys Beanery this Monday Night. What do you think? We normally go to much nicer places, am I missing something here??

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  1. barney's beanery is my husbands favorite place to drink a beer and watch the steelers game in pasadena. i have to agree that it's a great place just for that and only that. the several times i've gone with him and his buddy to watch the game i've tried the following. the burger; meh, i've had much better. pizza; too much cheese and greasy and just blah! chicken wings; once again i've had better like at big wangs. huevos rancheros; not bad, obviously had better. i've learned to set my bar lower when i go here b/c it's beer and sports first then the food. i'd stick to burgers, fries, and onion rings.

    1. I've had the fish and chips here and the fish was actually pretty good.... chips were a bit soggy for me. Great place to share with friends.

      1. Tell em to take you to Lucky Baldwin's for the Barleywine fest instead. Better beer, food is OK. Atmosphere is less "almost a chain"

        1. Not looking good... anyone else have anyting to say?? TIA..

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            what kind of evening are you looking for and how much are you looking to spend. you mention you usually go to nicer places...where would that be? parkway grill?

          2. Well, Barney's Beanery certainly has the most wide-ranging menu.

            Maybe your friend is just trying to pick a place that offers something for everyone?

            You could certainly do worse in that area of Pasadena, such as Buca di Peppa ...

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