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ISO: Cheap, nice dinner recommendations

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Hey everyone,
I am looking for a nice restaurant to go to for our 6 year anniversary tonight, which we had both forgotten about,lol. Ideally, we'd like to spend no more than say $75 in toto, and we need someplace that wouldnt require reservations. ( I dont feel like being laughed at on the phone :P ). Cuisine doesnt matter too much, other than neither of us can eat seafood!
Any suggestions?

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  1. Le Paradis. But make reservations.

    1. Good food/value meals here:

      Bistro Camino http://www.chowhound.com/topics/452659

      If you want to stay in downtown area, Wish at Yonge and Charles.

      1. Get a booth at The Roxton.


        If you indicate a preferred area of the city, you may get more replies.

        Also, no one will laugh at you for making a reservation.

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          She probably means they'll get laughed at for trying to make a reservation anywhere worthwhile at such short notice, which is indeed a challenge.

          kat - whereabouts in the city?

        2. Tabule, if you like Middle-eastern food. I'd call ahead to try to make a reservation, though.

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            I'd try Bistro Tournesol, and like the others mentioned above...better call first. Sorry but most nice restaurants do require a reservation. Having said, I'm sure there are a few around that will still have some spots available if you call this aft. Hopefully Bistro Tournesol is one of them.