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Apr 19, 2008 07:58 AM

Random Sushi Question

I frequent my usual sushi spot probably like 2 or three times a week and usually order just two rolls. The frst is crab,spicy tuna, avocado and white fish wrapped in cucumber and the other is a simple veggie roll (both are good size and veggie isnt wrapped in seaweed, its wrapped with rice) Is this alot of food for one person? it fills me up but just wondering what people miht think when i order it lol. thanks alot

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  1. Well I order 3-4 rolls to eat alone so they must look at me like I am a But most people I know order 1-2 rolls so I do not think they think anything bad of you when you order it

    1. Man, in the old days, that just would have been an appetizer for me! I'm low carbing now, so I go for sashimi at my local spot. They serve a huge bento - miso soup, salad, 3 pieces of sushi (I eat two and give the other to my daughter), and a huge selection of sashimi - about 15 pieces, of which half is salmon (good, I get my Omega-3's), some tuna, some whitefish, mackerel, etc., and a shrimp. I have to admit, my stomach seems to have shrunk a bit, as I used to polish it off no problem (including the rice that came with it.) Now, I ignore the rice, and still find it hard to finish the whole thing. The best thing I find is, because it's so protein packed, I'm never tempted to snack in the afternoon, and we often postpone dinner until 8 or 9 because we're so full, which means no post dinner snacking, either.

      1. when I go with my family, we order about 5 rolls (there's 4 of us), and soup & salad.

        1. Depends on whether I'm doing lunch or dinner. Usually when I go for lunch, I do a two roll combo (usually spicy tuna and a shrimp tempura roll), with the soup and salad and probably split an order of edamame. If it's at dinner, I'll do a two roll combo and then order a few pieces of nigiri and/or sashimi (recently had a live scallop sashimi that was to DIE for) to round it all out. If I'm by myself, I'll skip the edamame, if with friends, we order and split. If I still have room, sometimes I'll go with an order of mochi ice cream, or possibly tempura ice cream if they offer it and I'm in the mood.

          1. What does it matter what fills others up?

            Sushi is fairly calorie-laden, and if you can be happy on a modest portion, then more power to ya!

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              I agree. Do what's right for you. You're not eating as many calories and not spending as much money.

              And to the OP -- the first roll you describe sounds like a specialty roll which are usually much larger than regular rolls.