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Apr 19, 2008 07:39 AM

Milkshakes around Bmore

Hey guys. This is super appropo considering the bout of warm weather we're all enjoying.

I don't know how many of you are from or have lived/familiar'ed North Carolina, but there's a small chain of drive-throughs there called Cookout. It does burgers and such. When I went to school in NC I got to try their milkshakes on more than one occasion. They're wonderful: close to tipping over to the 'too-thick-to-drink' side sometimes but always fantastic in taste.

Yesterday I found myself eating at a Cheeburger Cheeburger and decided to get a milkshake and found it very subpar (especially since I had a Cookout shake just this past weekend). There was a bit of gritty consistency and the flavors were quite bland.

So, the question I shoot out is: does anyone know of any places around here that serve a really good milkshake. All of Baltimore and the local burbs are open to suggestion (I live in Timonium, work in the city myself). My personal preference in milkshakes are thicker ones (I know everyone is different) but I'd be more than willing to try different styles if backed by a hounder.


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  1. It's a chain and I'm not big on their sandwiches, but Potbelly shakes/malts will certainly do in a pinch for me -- especially the chocolate-banana malt. No a lot of competition in my area, however.

      1. I am reluctant to recommend them because I thought one of the women who works there seems like a Witch and they messed up my order, but there's a place in Glen Burnie called Ann's Dari-Creme (located outside Marley Station Mall) that has been around forever. It's a land mark and they're known for their hotdogs and shakes. I had read about Ann's a number of times and when I went there - there was a line of people getting their food and the pompous witchy woman would arrogantly bark at you to take your order but the food is actually pretty good and it has a very nostalgic feel to it - like experiencing a by-gone era (very 1940's - 1950's). I'm not a shake person (I'm fat enough already), so I can't tell you how good they are from experience, but that is one of their staple items that people go there for.

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          I would describe the service at Ann's as brusque but efficient. I think it's the only way they can deal with the volume they get. A chow-worthy joint in my estimation.

          1. re: ko1

            I completely agree. I treat myself to this place about once a year -- double dog with chili, cheese, onions and mustard. And yes, the service is brusque, but that's part of the charm. They don't sit around waiting for you to dilly dally at Attman's either.

            I'm shocked that they messed up an order -- in all my times there I was amazed at how they never wrote anything down and still kept up with the crowds, getting every order perfect.

            1. re: JonParker

              Thinking back I believe I asked for two dogs with mustard and relish and got two chili dogs - seems "not writting things down" had it's disadvantages sometimes. I sat in and ate and when I finished I inquired about another diet soda and the Barking woman brusquely barked back the price of the soda (which I had no problem with - I had plenty of money in my wallet I was willing to spend) and then proceded to not bring me my soda, but rather continue to take orders and do other functions of her job. I was just shocked and had to ask again for my soda and she acted rudly and very cold towards me. I just let it all roll off my shoulders out of reverence to everyone in the place and to their restaurant, but in retrospect If I go there again and get that type of attitude I'm not going to be so nice and I'm going to really give her a loud and fast tungue lashing. The way she treated me was different then people just trying to do their job and take care of lots of people in a buisy environment. I've worked in retail/restaurants and customer service enough to know not to treat your customers like some kind of stray animal.

        2. Hoffman's Ice Cream near Westminister, its on Rte 32. Great milkshakes and malteds!!!

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            Hoffman's is worth the drive, even at today's high gasoline prices.

          2. Chick-fil-a has very good shakes :)

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              Ever since I saw that their chocolate milkshake is 760 calories, I just can't seem to go back. Of course, everyone else's is probably the same, but I don't know that for sure. ;)