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Apr 19, 2008 07:05 AM

BBQ at David's ll - Arlington

Went to get the car washed this morning at David's Car Wash on Four Mile Run. In the parking spots to the left of the line, guys out BBQing with whiteboard sign highlighting their selections. Chicken ($6), ribs ($7.50), chops ($3),Leg Quarters ($3). Just Saturdays. Looks like chicken was ready at about 10 am, and the ribs about 11. Smelled fabulous, and the guys were really nice.

Let us know if you have a chance to stop by. I am a veg or I would have sampled.


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  1. I went by at 1:40pm yesterday. The first time I drove by I didn't see any activity. I was ready to give up, but I detected some smoke in the air, and on my second pass I realized the stand is not visible from the road; you have to turn down an alley into a back parking lot.

    I ordered ribs with sauce on the side. The ribs are ok. Maybe not smoked for long enough to impart any flavor or to tenderize the meat enough. Served dry, a bit of a spicy rub on the outside, these ribs scream out for some sauce, but their sauce is a touch sweet, unfortunately. I was charged $10 for a half rack of very meaty ribs.

    All in all, a worthwhile experience to try once, though I doubt I'll return.

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      Thanks for the report, Steve. It seemed really promising, and I really wanted it to be great.