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Gluten Free Menu's - Phoenix

We are looking for restaurants that have gluten free menu's.
So far we have dined @ Pizza Picazzo, Z-Tejas, PF Changs...all have Separate GF Menu's,
We have picked up goodies from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Gluten Free Creations

Does anyone else know of any other dining options that have specific GF menus?

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  1. My wife is a Celiac and we have been able to find more and more restaurants that are knowledgeable about gluten-free food. It sounds like you have found a few good restaurants, but there are quite a few more. If you go to the Gluten Free Creations website (http://www.glutenfreecreations.com/in..., they have a list of restaurants that they supply with gluten-free products. Sprouts also sells their products. Los Sombreros has a list of gluten-free entrees and appetizers on their website, although they didn't seem to have a gluten-free menu when we ate there a few days ago (actually pretty good food, counter to some of the recent Chowhound traffic).

    We have also found some recent restaurant ads that have a wheat-free banner. One that we tried recently that was exceptional in both food and price was Lyte Lounge and Bistro (Scottsdale, ). We dropped in early (~ 6:00 PM) and got happy hour prices on a very nice Lobster tapas dinner for $15!

    There is also a restaurant called MackDaddys that advertises wheat-free, salt-free and sugar-free. When we called them, they told us that they did not use any types of wheat in their recipes, but they may not be gluten-free. We aim to try them out this weekend. Pomodoro's used to have gluten-free pasta, but at least one of their restaurants has stopped serving it (not sure if that is valley-wide or not).

    You can also go to http://www.glutenfreerestaurants.org/... and do a search. They list specific addresses for these restaurants: Outback Steakhouse, Carraba's, and Bonefish Grill so it may not be universal.

    Here are some additional resources:

      1. I had a friend visit a few weeks ago and we went out to Cave Creek to Tonto Bar & Grill and were delighted to see that they had an entire gluten free menu (also a vegan menu) that was fantastic. They also make their own GF bread, but my friend wasn't hungry enough to eat it (wanting to focus on the meal). They do a lot with unique ingredients -- who knew that aramath was so delicious?! 8-)

        We also went to Havana Cafe, whose GF menu is quite lengthy.

        Los Sombreros also has gluten free designations on their menu, although we didn't make it there.

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          We visited Los Sombreros when my friend visited last -- the menu no longer contains the GF designations, but our sever was very helpful in pointing her to good GF options.

        2. My wife has celiac and found another bakery that has awesome GF sweets. It is called Short N' Sweet (Elliot & McClintock, Tempe). They do birthday cakes and cinnamon rolls etc.

          We also like Picazzo's, Pei-Wei and Great Harvest Bread Co.

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            A couple of weeks ago I sent a Celiac friend to Short N'Sweet bakery in Tempe - they are no longer doing any GF. Apparently some sort of conflict between bakery owners and the gal who was doing the GF baking. Really unfortunate timing because a full page article had just run in the EV Tribune.

            The ShortNSweet website shows that it will continue to be a regular bakery, and that the GF baker will announce a new location sometime.

          2. I'd like to add to this thread with some new finds:

            The White Chocolate Grill in Scottsdale has a substantial GF menu (including their fantastic Tomato Gin Soup!).

            Fogo de Chao (Scottsdale) and Brazillian Bull (Chandler) are both very GF friendly. The meats, pao de queijo and many buffet items (esp at FdC) are GF.

            1. Revo Burrito next to between Delux and Zen 32 on 32nd St and Camelback has GF designations on their menu.

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                Spinato's Pizza is now offering GF crust on their pizza's. PF Changs just introduced 5 new GF Beef dishes this week.,
                Gluten Free Creations

                has a large selection of baked goods and mixes. I love their bagels! They are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside when toasted. The onion bagels remind me of my grandmothers 'Gribenes" they have that perfect flavor combination of fried onion and schmaltz!

              2. I was talking to the owner of Grazie Pizza in Old Scottsdale today and he mentioned that he keeps a bag of gluten free flour in the pantry for special requests. They will make up a gluten free crust for your pizza and you can order the usual toppings or menu items. They like a call ahead so they can be ready with the dough.

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                  I live in Gilbert and there's a Gluten Free market on Val Vista, just north of the San Tan freeway...in the Mountainside Fitness complex

                  San Tan Cafe
                  18911 E San Tan Blvd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

                2. I just noticed that Prado's new Italian menu now shows which menu items contain gluten, and also designates which items contain nuts/nut oil.

                  1. Picazzo's has many gluten free options, and they have gone all organic in their menu.

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                      We had Picazzo's on Friday...it's always a hit w/ my nephew! He loves their meatballs, cheesebread and their GF Cookie Skillet! Tonight is Tonto Bar and Grill. They have a separate GF Menu and bake their own bread!

                    2. Calistro Bistro (N. Scottsdale) has designated a fair part of their menu as having a gluten free option. I was impressed with their clean preparation of the veggie-centric dishes we tried on a recent visit.

                      Speaking veggie-centric dishes, I took my Celiac friend to FnB during her last visit and Chef Charleen had no problem pointing out the many GF dishes on the menu and making modifications to dishes not already gluten free to make them so.

                      7133 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

                      1. Uncle Bear's has a very nice GF menu and have many locations around the Valley. Lots of good selections to choose from.

                        1. YAY! I searched the board to see if there was already a GF thread going on, and found this, so I'm bumping it up. It's fairly old so maybe it could use some updating! I'm a celiac and some of my old reliables have already been mentioned here:(PF Changs, White Chocolate Grill) but others on here are new to me; so I look forward to checking out if they are still with the GF program. I've found that generally, French restaurants have a lot of options for Celiacs and the Gluten Intolerant; my absolutely favorite restaurant in town is Christopher's at the Biltmore Fashion Square (24th & Camelback). They don't specifically have a GF menu, but they are very educated on the subject, and I have always felt that they were paying very close attention and looking after my interests. Plus, it's the yummiest food ever. :-) I can't recommend them highly enough (but it's pricey!). Likewise, I was at Metro Brasserie this week and there were a lot of great options. Other than French food, I can also say that I've been to Posh (Improvisational Cuisine) on Scottsdale Rd just south of Chaparrel Rd, and while it wasn't my favorite restaurant, they were great about serving me and at no point did I feel I'd gotten a dish that was "lesser than" what my 3 friends got. Anyway, I'd love to hear other people's picks, because as much as I like cooking, sometimes it's just time for a meal out! :-)

                          White Chocolate Grill
                          7000 E Mayo Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85054

                          Metro Brasserie
                          7114 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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                            Here are some of our favorites:
                            Atlas Bistro doesn't have a GF menu but they are very knowledgeable, and can adapt with great results.
                            NOCA also doesn't have a GF menu but will adapt and have been very good.
                            Kai was able to give my wife grilled gluten-free bread, and we didn't advise them about GF it before hand -- pricey but well worth it!
                            Elote in Sedona also does a good job, with most menu items gluten-free already
                            Pizza Picazzo has a full GF menu, including appetizers, desserts and beer
                            There is a new GF bakery in Sedona -- Sedona Sweet Arts. Great carrot cake, choc chip cookies, biscotti, etc.
                            There is also a new GF bakery in Flagstaff (with representation at Sedona Farmers Market) called Big Ring Bakery. Very good bagels and bread.
                            Sprouts does a pretty good job having many GF items, and they have a 25% off sale on all GF items several times a year.
                            Julia's GF desserts are available at the GF Store in Gilbert, and they are spectacular!
                            The Barrio Cafe on 16th Street is also very much gluten-free aware, with great food.
                            There are several Barro's pizza parlor that serve GF pizza that is OK.


                            Atlas Bistro
                            2515 N Scottsdale Rd # 18, Scottsdale, AZ

                          2. Beckett's Table has quite a few items on their menu identified as Gluten Free. As a matter of fact, nearly all of their Spring Restaurant Week selections are GF (Spring Rest Week ends 5/22).

                            The Herb Box also has many GF options. The lunch/dinner menu clearly lists GF. The breakfast/brunch didn't during my last visit, but the manager I spoke with indicated that it would be updated at some point. The website still shows the menu without the GF indicators, but they are very helpful when ordering.

                            Beckett's Table
                            3717 E. Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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                              Should add that in addition to items marked GF (gluten free) on the menu, they also have others labeled RGF (request gluten free).

                            2. Citizen Public House has quite a few GF options identified on their menu, including two of the entrees our table enjoyed last night: Pan Seared Scallops (w/ bacon lardon, roasted corn grits, wilted snow pea greens, Red Rock cola gastrique) and Berkshire Pork Loin (sweet onion ash, gorgonzola/white corn spoon bread, pistachios, stone fruit compote). Unfortunately, their signature Original Chopped Salad is not GF, but the Mirliton Chopped Salad (which several people have highly recommended to me) is.

                              Citizen Public House
                              7111 E. 5th Avenue, Suite E, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

                              1. Indulge Burger at Shea & Scottsdale has gluten free options for their burgers and also for their breakfasts available on the weekend.

                                1. Beaver Choice's menu is mostly gluten free. Located at McClintock & Broadway in Tempe (in the strip mall right behind Ted's Hot Dogs), this Scandanavian/Sweedish/Polish/Canadian family-run establishment is pretty bare bones, but with a lot of heart and soul. We started with a delicious and very satisfying schnitzel cordon bleu (which the owner said could also be made gluten free), and plan to return to explore some of the seafood offerings, It's BOYB, and calling ahead to reserve a table isn't a bad idea.