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Apr 19, 2008 04:40 AM

making my first chile verde

kind of combining 2 recipes-- tomatillios, cilantro, poblanos, onions, garlic...the big difference between the 2 recipes is cumin. one has a big teaspoon, the other none. Need some advice on which way to go!

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  1. I guess it would depend on what you're doing with it. If it's going over something light like fish, or even over some freshly made (not baked) enchiladas then I like the salsa verde to be pretty straightforward- no cumin. I'd add cumin to something that is cooked for much longer, like a green chile stew- and even at that I don't add as much as most recipes I've seen, just enough to add a certain quality but not so much as you'd be able to pick it out right away.

    If this is a recipe that doesn't take too much effort to make (I"ve seen some guys whip up a very fresh salsa verde in minutes) then it may be a good opportunity for you to split the batch and do it both ways to see which one suits you.

    1. I'd skip the cumin just because I'm not a big fan.