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what is your favorite salsa??

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supermarket brand?? from a in house deli counter in a supermarket?? from a restaurant?? mail order?? or any source

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  1. tomatoes
    lime juice
    Jarred salsa is one of the biggest wastes of money I have ever encountered. I honestly don't know how it still exists. The time / energy / price to make your own is minute in contrast to the price you have to pay for the canned flavor of the cooked veggies in jarred salsa.

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        for the BEST, yes, but of course, roasted tomatillos, onions, garlic and peppers can make a GOOD salsa as well. Salsa is just so easy and cheap to make, it is really baffling to me that people will spend so much money on a totally bland, inferior, jarred product.

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        Ditto gordeaux. 1st reply and should be the last word on the topic with lotsa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after "Jarred salsa is one of the biggest wastes of money I have ever encountered. I honestly don't know how it still exists. The time / energy / price to make your own is minute in contrast to the price you have to pay for the canned flavor of the cooked veggies in jarred salsa." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Ingredients match mine except I shake just enough Tapitio to give a little hot sauce edge to the salsa.
        I use roma tomatoes & scrape out the seeds, water, and slime. I don't use a blender and make just enough for that day.

        I do try and enjoy some jarred salsas with unconventional or nonstandard ingredients , but the best is home made.

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          A good food processor will "chop" very nicely. Sometimes I break out the food processor for better presentation as I think a chopped pico de gallo IS better than a blender salsa, but not by much. Chopping by hand I just won't do anymore, but my hat's off to you for doing it!

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            When it comes to tomatoes, never ever scrape out the jelly, that is where all the flavor is


        2. So funny you asked. I was in Stamford, CT earlier this week and we picked up lunch from Ole Mole. I bought a pint of their salsa and brought it home. I've been eating it all week! When I lived nearby in Darien I used to buy salsa from this place on a weekly basis and I had forgotten how much I love it!
          I agree with gordeaux that jarred supermarket salsa lacks a lot of freshness and flavor of homemade. I do buy it on occasion though.

          1. Oddly I have recently discovered that the Best Yet brand(generic brand) is the best I have EVER tasted.

            1. in the winter when fresh produce isnt so hot in ohio, we make a spicy version with:

              2 cans rotel tomatoes
              as many hot peppers---seranos, habs, japs as you prefer, seeded and diced
              juice of a lime...maybe 2
              a heavy handful of cilantro
              half a sweet onion, diced

              whirl it all in the blender, processor or with the imersion. Refridgerate. Good stuff.

              1. I find the Great Value salsas at Wal-Mart taste just like Pace, which is my favorite salsa-in-a-jar. My favorite salsa is a jar of GV pineapple salsa doctored up with fresh minced cilantro.

                1. Garden Fresh Gourmet's Screamin Hot salsa. My mouth is watering thinking about it. I've only seen it at Wegmans in the area where I went to college, and I'm hoping to find it somewhere near me currently. It was the spiciest salsa I've ever had, and it was pretty much the only premade one that was spicy enough to satisfy me. I pretty much became addicted to it whenever I had it in the house and would eat it with chips every day...tostitos, melted cheddar cheese, and that salsa...YUM! It was very fresh tasting, too.

                  http://www.gardenfreshsalsa.com/produ... - here is a link to their products

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                    Oh yes, that stuff is addictive. Can't have it in the house for more than 15 minutes before it's gone. When I buy it at the store, I often start devouring that salsa before I even begin to put away the groceries. My favorite is the Scotch Bonnet version; is that the same as Screamin' Hot? My mouth is on fire for hours after I finish a tub of it. Salivating as I type...

                    If I weren't a broke college student, I'd probably finish off two tubs of that and a bag of Santitas for dinner every night.

                    1. re: Agent Orange

                      It appears that the scotch bonnet version is different according to their website. I'd like to try all of their hot versions:

                      Hot Salsas
                      Jamaican Scotch Bonnet - Jalapeño & Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers
                      Jack's Special: Hot - Southwestern-style salsa with extra cilantro
                      Screamin Hot - Jalapeño & habañero peppers
                      Smokin' Jalapeño - Smoking hot jalapeño salsa

                      (from their website)

                      Now I really want to find it around here!

                  2. We mix Muir Glen crushed fire-roasted tomatoes with roasted red onions, roasted garlic, and chipotles in adobo, puree in the food processor and season with cilantro, red wine vinegar, and salt. If I have a fresh jalapeno, I roast it and add it--without the chipotles.

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                      Homemade fresh salsa is the best.
                      One thing my dad taught me that I notice no one else adds is to add some olive oil to the finished salsa ;)

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                        After mincing the jalapeños or serranos, I mix them around in some olive oil to get each shard coated, and then add to the rest of the batch. I might have read that tip here on Chowhound, but it seems to allow the heat of the peppers to distribute and heightens the flavor.

                    2. We always keep TJs chipotle salsa in the house, get Fronteras when it's on sale.