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Apr 18, 2008 11:35 PM

Abundant Harvest Organics - Central California CSA

Has anyone joined Abundant Harvest Organics. They operate out of Kingsburg but deliver from Fresno to Valencia. It sounds pretty good - any experiences?

their website:

their blog:

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  1. I've used AHO for over a year. I love them. The produce is extremely fresh and attractive. The prices can't be beat. Last year I was paying about 70 cents a pound for my extra boxes of peaches. And opening the box brought a wave of the freshest peach smell because they pick the previous day. And because they pick the day before it arrives at your table, they pick closer to the peak of perfection. Because you get whatever is coming out of the fields, the box is filled with a wide variety of stuff. And things I had never heard of, like green garlic. It has greatly expanded our family menu. Because the produce was so great, I started buying better quality olive oils and more kinds of vinegars and other condiments. I also buy their organic dairy, poultry, and now their grass-fed beef. Now unless we're going to a really stellar restaurant, I'd rather eat at home. I highly recommend them.