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Apr 18, 2008 09:30 PM

Tampa/St. Pete ??????????????

gonna be there for 5 days starting Sunday.ANY recommendations are welcome.Fancy/Diners/Hole in th Walls..... it dont matter.Lets hear em!!

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  1. St Pete--downtown
    Ceviche (tapas)
    Cafe Alma (Mediterranean)
    Savannahs Cafe (Southern gourmet)
    Moon Under Water (British, nice 'real' beer selection)
    The Independent (great beer selection)

    St Pete Beach and area--
    Patrick's Bayside Grill
    Black Palm
    Ted Peters Smoked Fish
    Beverly's La Croisette--terrific breakfast
    O Bistro--good breakfast/lunch

    Corned Beef Corner--good 'real' deli

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    1. More in the St. Pete area -
      Guppies on Indian Rocks Beach (seafood -
      )The Skinny Rooster in Largo (breakfast -


      And a second amen to Ted Peters; just saw them on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

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      1. re: suemac

        ate at Keegans today.Damn tasty! I had the Blackened Grouper dinner.The Mashed potatoes were perfect with it.

      2. El Cap for burgers (on 4th street) Highly recommend
        I also agree with Ceviche, highly recommend

        1. Here is a good link, for my review of Bern's

          Thai Wok on 4th St. in St. Pete on North end near bridge. Red Mesa, also on 4th street closer to St. Pete down town.

          1. The original comment has been removed