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Apr 18, 2008 08:35 PM

cheese shops in Dublin

Where's the place to go for incredible sheep's milk cheese in fact, any cheeses that aren't to be missed? any thoughts? going to Dublin for just a few days


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  1. A Dublin friend said there are two shops there with good cheeses... Sheridan's. I'm sure you could fine their location by Googling.

    1. Sheridan's is The Place but here's a link to another shop which gives some details of the products they stock:

      And a link to the Irish Food Board which also lists a number of producers.

      Whilst I'm sure you'll find good sheep's milk cheese there, in my experience, most non-cow cheese is goat rather than sheep. I assume from your posting history that you are probably American and therefore unlikely to be easily able to get Irish cheeses at home. Therefore, if I was you, I would look for the cow's milk product for which I think are the country's better products. Still, that gives you plenty of tasting opportunities.

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        good guess --- thanks for the information!

      2. Listons on Camden Street, Dublin 2 have a great selection of cheese