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Apr 18, 2008 08:35 PM

cheese shops in Dublin

Where's the place to go for incredible sheep's milk cheese in Dublin...in fact, any cheeses that aren't to be missed? any thoughts? going to Dublin for just a few days


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  1. A Dublin friend said there are two shops there with good cheeses... Sheridan's. I'm sure you could fine their location by Googling.

    1. Sheridan's is The Place but here's a link to another shop which gives some details of the products they stock: http://www.matthewscheesecellar.com/

      And a link to the Irish Food Board which also lists a number of producers.

      Whilst I'm sure you'll find good sheep's milk cheese there, in my experience, most non-cow cheese is goat rather than sheep. I assume from your posting history that you are probably American and therefore unlikely to be easily able to get Irish cheeses at home. Therefore, if I was you, I would look for the cow's milk product for which I think are the country's better products. Still, that gives you plenty of tasting opportunities.

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        good guess --- thanks for the information!

      2. Listons on Camden Street, Dublin 2 have a great selection of cheese