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Apr 18, 2008 07:06 PM

Delivery to Crestwood area

Hi there. My husband and I just relocated to the Crestwood area, on the Yonkers/Eastchester border. What places do people recommend that would deliver to our neighborhood?

We have tried Crestwood Pizza (meh), Chubby's for pizza (better), Calvin's for Chinese from Bronxville at the recommendation of neighbors, and last night tried Haiku, also from Bronxville. It was ok; I think it suffered in the transport and waiting to be served, so I'm willing to give them another chance.

What else should we consider?

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  1. If you one consistently good food with a pretty decent variety, stick with Chubby's. I don't know how far they travel for Delivery, but East Bamboo is very good and I've found very quick. I'm a little surprised about the Crestwood "meh" comment, because their pizza is generally pretty good, although on busy weekend nights, and pizzaria seems a little lackluster. Pizza Pizza in Fleetwood is good, but you may be a little far from them. I am also noticing that a lot of things I've ordered from different places have suffered because of the transport.

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      East Bamboo is the one over in Eastchester?

      Anyone know: is Garlic and Pepper, the thai place in Tuckahoe I've seen recommended here, still open? How is it these days?

      1. re: baysider

        Garlic and Pepper was above average when it first opened. I have no idea if it is still open. The last time I went, it was about 8:30, midweek and there was a bartender at the bar, two patrons, and an old man sleeping on the floor. I asked for a table and the man stood up and said they were closed. Haven't gone back since.

        East Bamboo is in Eastchester, on Mill Road. It's across from Dunkin Donuts.

        I don't know if they deliver, or if you like Indian food, but Spice Village was very good the one time I was there.

        1. re: jhopp217

          Spice village does deliver, and yes, it's pretty good. Competes with the best indian in the county as far as I am concerned.
          Chubby's is the best bet for pizza/salads. Good soups too.
          Angelina delivers. Good italian in general.
          Haiku is expensive. Wild Ginger is a little cheaper and I find it pretty good. For week night chinese, I would stick to East Bamboo.
          I can only talk about places this side of the track unfortunately. Please report if you find any good delivery places on the other side.

          1. re: juweee

            I usually find that I agree with jhopp and juweee about restaurants but I must say that maybe it was a bad day but my dh and I went to East Bamboo once and I had the worst wonton soup ever. Can't remember the main course but we were very disappointed.

            I like Calvins much better although I drove by yesterday and it was closed at about 7:30-8:00 pm. Closed sign in window anyway. Are they out of business?

            There is a chinese take out in Bronxville next to A and P that is decent but I don't know if they deliver to Crestwood.

            I love Spice Village.

            1. re: rolise

              Rolise- I should have mentioned that I never get wontons or dumplings at Bamboo. I actually only get those where they are made fresh, and those cartainly aren't. If you stick to the main dishes Bamboo is a good choice.

              For real dumplings, I find that Haiku and Wild ginger do a fine job locally. My favorite is actually Golden Rod on Boston Post Road between Larchmont and New Rochelle. The seshuan dumplings are especially tasty. Gourmet noodle on Quaker Ridge in New Rochelle also mades a very fresh wonton soup. I think they deliver to Eastchester, but I am not sure if they deliver to Yonkers.

              1. re: juweee

                Despite some spotty food, Hunam in Bronxville actually has some pretty good suchuan dumplings...

    2. Thanks, all. Now can anyone help with the Yonkers side of the delivery tracks?

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        1. re: jhopp217

          Is that the same outfit that's up in White Plains? I saw the storefront in Yonkers and guessed it was, but wasn't 100 percent sure.

        2. re: baysider

          Catania's on Central Ave delivers. I don't love their pizza, but their mini calzones and chicken marsala rolls are really good.