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Apr 18, 2008 06:49 PM

[Houston] Bob's Steaks & Chop House

Looking for a truly great steak in Houston and -- well, money is always an object, I suppose, but this is a special occasion. We've done The Palm and Ruth's Chris here in Houston, but we'd like to try one of the local places.

So, what about Bob's Steaks & Chop House? If you know them from Dallas, great and feel free to chime in. But I'm especially interested in Hounds who've tried the Bob's in Houston.



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  1. The Bob's in Dallas and Houston are affiliated in name only. Pappas Bros is the best steak in Houston.

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      1. re: ieatdallas

        agreed. Bobs in Houston isnt the same as the dallas one. I would go to Pappas Bros...its excellent (and I am a dallas resident)

      2. Bob's is already closed. It could not compete in a market that has Morton's, Capitol Grille, Pappas Bros., & Del Frisco's nearby. It is reopening as an Italian concept. If you are near downtown, I suggest The Strip House or Vic & Anthony's.

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        1. re: fulmer

          bob's is staying open even though it is up for sale. they are working on a deal for mo's steakhouse (based out of milwaukee) to open in it's place.

          even so, i second the previous comments to go to pappas bros., strip house, or vic & anthony's.

          1. re: fulmer

            It competes in Dallas, I just think it came to the game in Houston a little too late. It was no better, no worse than any of the other high end steak places in town.

          2. I think Pappas can vary and sometimes you feel like you are there in the midst of bus tours and huge crowds.
            I like Brenners, both the horrible original location and the new Bayou location.
            No to Vic & Anthonys.
            The Strip House is good but almost laughably expensive.

            1. Thanks a million for the great input. We did decide to try Bob's and have been back a second time since. We liked the steaks. I had the bone-in KC strip the first time and the bone-in rib eye the second time. I ordered both medium-rare; both were accurately cooked and both werer delish.

              The EE ordered his usual well-done filet both times (sorry, I'm married to him; I'm not his mom!). The first time the butterflied it and I could see it was cooked all the way through and still quite juicy. The second time they did not butterfly it and it STILL left a little juice on the plate.

              He ordered their house special potatoes both times and he liked them. I didn't care for them and was happy with my baked spud. I think the carrot is sort of silly, but no sillier than the hot plates at Ruth's Chris or Mastro's. I got a secret thrill from not having to pay extra for the potato.

              I had the chophouse salad with creamy bleu cheese dressing both times -- the best salads I've had in Houston! The first time I ordered the chocolate cake -- very forgetable.

              We enjoyed the service -- good both times, but not as fawning as at Ruth's Chris.

              We look forward to trying your other suggestions, so thanks!!