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Apr 18, 2008 06:38 PM

Richmond meal itinerary for the weekend?

Ok, coming to richmond for the weekend to look at houses--i may be moving there. i'll need 2 dinners (one of which should be somewhat nice), 2 breakfast/brunches, and maybe a random lunch. last time we went to cancan for brunch, and liked it enough to return for dinner that night. here's what i have so far, based on reading the board:

1. dinner: looking at comfort for one night; other night is open. Millie's? Kuba Kuba? Dogwood grill?
2. brunch: saw that millie's has a good brunch, so maybe we can do that instead of dinner there. i'm dying for a good bagel, which unfortunately looks hard to come by; cupertino's has had some good reviews here.

also saw nice things said about 3rd st diner; don't know which meal would fit in best here.
any other suggestions? i'll likely be moving to the fan/museum district, and don't like to typically travel too far, so restaurants in that are would be preferred. thanks!

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  1. This is a case of "do what I say not what I do" but I have heard positive reviews of Verbena. A new place by Retreat Hospital so it is in the Fan but very close to the Museum District. I think that it has the "buzz" for the moment and it is worth a try. I suspect that you will hear about Karsen's which is on Cary Street but- I was there only once a few months ago- I found it underwhelming.

    1. Hey nola mike. My husband and I moved here from New Orleans last May. Welcome (almost)! We really like it here, and much to our Nola friends' surprise, we have been eating really well here. ;-)

      We just had a very good meal at Si, a tapas place in the Fan. We've also enjoyed Six Burner and Edo's Squid.

      My experience at 3rd St Diner was not good. My friend and I almost walked out - awful service. And the wannabe-model waitress somehow thought that was amusing.

      There are Einstein's Brothers bagels here (and probably others - I'm still in the learning curve), which aren't sublime, but it's better than what Nola had post-K!

      I assume you have a real estate agent, but in the event it doesn't work out, feel free to email me at I can't say enough about our agent.

      Happy house hunting!

      1. ate at both comfort and sensi this week and both were great. just a warning for millie's brunch - be prepped to wait so if you're supposed to meet the realtor, plan time accordingly. i've heard lulu's has a good brunch too. cupertino's is good for bagels. best i've had here. still not great NY bagels though. enjoy. moved here 2 1/2 years ago and love it.

        1. What comes to mind is Sensi downtown for the "nice" dinner. They make their own pasta, and the quality of food and service is top notch. I think it's one of the most underrated places in town. From the wine list, to apps, to pasta, entrees, veggies and dessert they are spot on. For fan brunch, I'd consider Bacchus on Main or Zeus Gallery Cafe on Belmont (if not Millie's downtown). Dogwood Grill has (thankfully) closed.....I finally get redemption. Bacchus and Zeus would be places to consider for dinner in the fan as well. Avalon would be good for a casual dinner....they recently started featuring tapas and it's very good.

          1. I like Joe's Inn, which is in the Fan, for breakfast (not a brunch place, more of a family run diner type place). I had a great dinner at Kuba Kuba last week, it's also in the Fan and on one of the prettier streets. I think they have a menu online, too. You might want to have a look at Carytown, just because it's a fun area to shop and has a great old movie theater (the Byrd). Maybe Can Can for brunch or Coppola's for a sandwich? Cupertino's does have good bagels (relative to our other choices - Panera and Einstein's) but it's out in the suburbs of the West End and there's not a lot to see out there besides the usual strip mall stuff. If you like beer, we have a pretty good brewery - Legend. Try a Legend Brown Ale, they have it on draft lots of places. Hope you have a fun visit. I've lived in Richmond for 7 years and like it a lot. Spring is a lovely time to visit as well.

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            1. re: KateCross

              had a great time--i still haven't had a bad meal in richmond, i'm looking forward to moving.
              1. had pizza at mary angela's on saturday. very good, reasonably priced, fun time.
              2. brunch the next day at lulu's. very good, great home fries.
              3. dinner at si. this was fantastic. bacon wrapped dates, spectacular mussels, scallops. hummus fries also tasty. steak was good, nothing unusual. squid wasn't great, although the black rice was good. beet salad was too salty for me, and unexpectedly served hot. my mom liked it though.
              4. bagels at cupertino's the next day. eh. i wasn't impressed, didn't strike me as any better than einstein's, and it seemed like it was located at the end of the earth. might as well keep going to bodo's in charlottesville.

              looking forward to more eating in the future (i'm getting worried i'll be putting on my new orleans weight that i've managed to lose in birmingham...)

              1. re: nola mike

                went back to einstein's this am because it was there. cupertino's are definitely better. but as above - not nearly as good as the fab jewish bakeries/bagel shops we have in ohio. really. :)
                pastries/bakery/bagels are definitely what's lacking the most here. oh and ice cream (you'd think that since it's hot...)

                glad you had an otherwise great time though. there is definitely good food to be had - and other great things as well.