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Apr 18, 2008 06:24 PM

Input on My Dining Choices

We'll be visiting in June, and have started to book all of our reservations, but I thought I'd throw our plan out for comments:

1. Polish Deli Food at Uncle's House
2. Tru
3. Someplace in Greektown
4. Old Town Brassiere
5. Table 52
6. Moto
7. We are going to Second City, and thought we'd find someplace close after the show
8. Baseball Game at Wrigley, so we are thinking pizza or hot dogs - something to help absorb the beer
9. Alinea
10. The Half Shell
11. Open for suggestions

Appreciate any input! The only set reservations we have are Tru, Table 52, Moto and Alinea.

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  1. 1. Never been.
    2. Great choice!
    3. Go to the Greek Islands (casual and lively atmosphere), or Santorini (more upscale).
    4. If you are a wine lover, stop in across the street at House of Glunz.
    5. Yummy comfort food.
    6. The service is impeccable and the presentation is out of this world, but the flavors fell short for me.
    7. Go to Adobo Grill around the corner. One of my favorite places for Mexican!
    8. Check out Tuscany, or Fly Me to the Moon, which are a little bit more upscale than other Wrigley spots. If you just want a burger or wings go to Yakzies or Irish Oak.
    9. Amazing.. you will LOVE it!
    10. I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to eat here. If you are looking for seafood in a quirky spot, I'd go to Raw bar or Cy's on Ashland instead.
    11. Onesixtyblue or Volo in Roscoe Village.

    Have fun!

    1. 3. For places in Greek Town, check out the discussion at

      7. For places around Second City, check out the discussion at

      8. For places around Wrigley Field, see In particular, for pizza, get deep-dish pizza, Chicago's delicious home-town specialty that you can't find anywhere else but here. Giordano's double-crust "stuffed" pizza is my absolute favorite of all, and they have a location on Belmont about half a mile south of the ball park. Call ahead with your pizza order to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes while seated for your pizza to bake.

      Enjoy your visit!

      1. what!!! no steakhouse visit?.
        david burke's primehouse [creative]
        smith@wollensky [traditional]
        to name but a few.

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        1. re: ray thomas

          I don't consider steakhouses to be essential to a visit to Chicago (although we have some excellent ones). For one thing, most big cities have top-notch steakhouses, and visitors often prefer to eat kinds of foods they can't find at home (or can't find with the same level of quality found here). For another thing, some people prefer other kinds of food more than steak.

          I think our delicious deep-dish pizza (or other also foods unique to Chicago such as Italian beef sandwiches) is a far more essential part of a culinary tour of what Chicago has to offer.

        2. This sounds like a tremendous trip!

          Have you considered a Bayless restaurant? Frontera or Topolobampo are both great - cheaper at lunch with equally large portions - Topo you can get a reservation, Frontera is walk in only (but if you go when they open at 11 am, you (probably) won't have a wait.

          As far as your other plans - solid. Depending on what day you're seeing the Cubs, you should consider Hot Doug's. It's not terribly close (2.5 miles or so) but it's a straight shot so all you'd need to do is hop on the Addison bus and you're there.