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Apr 18, 2008 05:56 PM

Need fine dining suggestions for Monday night in Tampa

I'll be in Tampa for the next few days and need suggestions for a really good restaurant on Monday night. We went to Bern's last month and Six Tables isn't open on Mondays. We're staying on Harbour Island, so downtown Tampa would be preferable. Any fine dining recommendations in Tampa?

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  1. There isn't many to choose from. You may want to try the following: Armani's, Flemings, Ruths Chris or the Palm.
    Good Eats

    1. Mise en Place (442 W Kennedy Blvd) is closest, just across the Kennedy bridge, and still manages to keeping things refined but near the edge after 20 years. Haven't been to Sidebern's since it lost its top chef, but a great choice and about what Six Tables costs. Donatello on Dale Mabry a couple blocks north of Kennedy is an institution for fine-Italian, though my favorite Italian is Sprataco - the food is fine dining but the atmosphere is a little more casual. Gotta admit I am not sure about Mondays for any of these...

      1. Maybe the new Malio's? I haven't been to the new location yet but the reviews were good.

        1. Finew dining close to downtown on a Monday, I'd suggest Cafe Dufrain, right on Harbour Island..always consistent high quality service and meals, Mondays are free corkage nights, but they have an amazing wine list, and killer views in the waterfront dining establishment.
          Malios' is another great choice, top quality steaks and such, high class. Also Mise En Place on Kenedy Blvd. Lastly is Gallaghers which is at Channelside in downtown Tampa.

          So fine dining downtown Tampa:
          Cafe Dufrain
          Mise En Place