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Apr 18, 2008 05:39 PM

Moving to Chicago

Hi y'all!

I just got the word that I'm being transferred to Chicago in July. I've been in the DC area for the past year and Phoenix for 11 years prior to that. I'm super jazzed to be moving to one of my fave cities.

Here are the neighborhoods that I'm considering (in no particular order):
Wicker Park
River North
Gold Coast
East Rogers Park

So, of the neighborhoods which would you recommend or give warning regarding local restaurants, bodegas, shopping, etc.

I love ethnic food and dive bars, neighborhood hangs outs are the best! I'm a "natural" food shopper, farmers' market shopper, too. I really love to cook and I'll be traveling less with my move to Chicago, so great food shopping is something I'm looking forward to.

What say you, Chicago?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Excluding East Rogers Park, because I don't know much about that area - based on your love of dive bars and farmers markets, I'd say you really can't go wrong with any neighborhood you listed except for Goldcoast. The Goldcoast really doesn't have many dive bars, it's more touristy and expensive types of places.

    There are farmers markets all over the city.

    Welcome to Chicago!

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      The same thing blondie60614 points out about the Gold Coast, also applies to River North.

      East Rogers Park doesn't have much in the way of farmers markets or variety in its dining options (lots of low end, not much mid priced or higher); you'd find yourself going north to Evanston or south to Edgewater and Andersonville.

      Also, for all practical purposes, some of the areas you've listed are really the same neighborhood - Wicker Park and Bucktown are really one area, and the same is true with Wrigleyville which is part of Lakeview.