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Apr 18, 2008 04:43 PM

Starr Place in Rhinebeck

Just wondering if anyone has been to Starr Place in Rhinebeck. I went there once when it served a more Mexican style food, but haven't been since then. Is this a good place to have a birthday celebration? Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I went about 2 months ago. We are weekenders and when we go out, it's generally to Gigi's or Terrapin, so this was a nice alternative.

    The room (there are several -- we were seated to the one to the right of the entrance) was well-lit and cheery (not overdone but not dark, if you get what I mean). There is evidently a downstairs private area that a musician I bumped into several days later and who was going to perform there said was quite nice. Maybe that's what you should check out for the b-day.

    We liked it as a good, decent meal but nothing that knocked-your-socks-off. Several dishes were oversalted. Wine pours were a teeny bit stingy (one wine was $11 for a glass that should have been $7). They have some nice mussels in various preparations. My wife had a burger which was quite good.

    As I say, a good, nice place. For a birthday, I would think of it as a place for something relatively unassuming, relatively low-key. If you are thinking of a party that is a bit more energetic, I wouldn't think of this as the place.

    One thing I might recommend is the side room at Mercato in Red Hook. That's a great space and the food there is really good. I haven't been there since they got a liquor license. But if you have a big group that side room would be perfect. I would prefer that to Starr.

    1. We had lunch there recently, and the sandwiches were very good, served with a salad greens which were notable for the delicious dressing, and just the right amount of it, not drowning or dry. The Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre on tap was great. This is not a fancy place, just good simple food in a pleasant, simple atmosphere, with reasonable prices. If that is what you are looking for, it should work very well.

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        That Mexican place was forlorn. This place looks promising -- pitstop before or after a movie at Upstate. Their signature dish is one I love: mussels and fries with a Belgian beer. Prices look reasonable. Anyone tried zee mussels? Bob Gaj, where are you man?

      2. While we were impressed with the Dogfish head on tap (it was Aprihop now, not Raisin D'Etre, by the way) we were not impressed with the prices. As much as we liked the idea of Dogfish on tap, we were not prepared to part with serious cash for that treat.

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          Are you referring to the price of food, beer or both? We were there for lunch, and I did not look at the dinner menu, but I thought the lunch was reasonable, the same as any other area restaurant, and the beer was not overpriced. What are you comparing it to?

          1. re: rrems

            I visited this weekend and Dogfish Head Aprihop's was $8.00 a glass !
            By comparison, many Manhattan pubs serve DF for 4-5 dollars a glass and some even serve true cask conditioned ales for 6-7. Menu items included short ribs for $30 ! We will not be returning.

            1. re: itsmagic

              Most restaurants charge more for beer than bars or pubs would, but yes, $30 for an entree sounds awfully high for this place. I'll stick to lunch.

              1. re: rrems

                I'll refinance the house to get some great mussels. How the the food?

                1. re: markp

                  I had the moules et frites a couple of weeks ago.

                  Mussels were good, sweet and only a little sandy. Fries were better, almost as good as Mickey Dee's.. Unfortunately, I ate everything and left hungry.

                  Relatively expensive to go away hungry.

                  1. re: georgeb

                    We indeed went there for the birthday celebration after I posted the question. Since we had eight people in our party, I got to taste a little bit of everything. The mussels weren't bad, but it was not as good as what I had in another restaurant a few weeks ago before that. My overall feeling is that the restaurant tries to aim high, but unfortunately it's not quite there.....But for a quick bite before movie next door, it may not be a bad choice since they have burger & fries on the menu.

              2. re: itsmagic

                This is a bit harsh i think.... I go their and the prices are FINE!!!!!!!!!!

              3. re: rrems

                thanks rrems they are very reasonable for prices

            2. I love going their on some nights for dinner... for my and my brothers birthday dinner, we bought our friends and the LOVED IT! I don't like it when people take ''down the food". I know chef Roberto Mosconi very well...