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Apr 18, 2008 04:41 PM

any one knows any good lunch restaurant in EL MONTE, CA or SOUTH EL MONTE, CA area?

Hello every one, our company just recently moves to this industrial area located here in South El Monte, CA , which is about 15 miles East of the Los Angeles by 60fwy and
605fwy area.

This area is surrounding by fast food restaurant like Mc Donald, Burger King or Carl’s Jr, after moved here for few month, every one seen gain a lot weight due to all the soda and fry.

The only restaurant around here that satisfy every one is King Taco, but we cant have taco every day, so I post this message hoping that if any members near by this area, might give us some suggestion on where to go for a good and healthy lunch, please let me know, thank you for taking your time ready this.

Best Regard


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  1. I'm in that area a lot, and it's sort of a wasteland foodwise. There are obviously many taco options, but otherwise "Little Malaysia" (Peck Rd.) has been reviewed on this board, and Garvey Ave. has lots of Chinese/Vietnamese options toward Rosemead (city of). I'd do a search on this board of some of the larger streets in the area, but I think you'll want to explore Rosemead more. Going east along the 60, Hacienda Rd. is really the first chow-ish exit. Head south and you'll find Malan Noodles, Chung King/Mr. Swiss, and lots of other (mainly Asian) options.

    Good luck, and report back!

    1. Still Mexican, but a rather nifty sit down place. Villa Tepeyac on the corner of Rush and Merced. As close to an institution as you'll find in this area.

      1. Sandwiches and Empenadas from Tito's Market on Garvey near Rosemead.

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          Second on Tito's Market. and also below: El Taco Nazo, Dumpling 10053.

          I'm in El Monte also, but up around the 10, so some of these might be a bit farther for you. Claro's Italian Market, Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen, The Hat, and Mr. Baguette.

        2. I agree Little Malaysia is one of El Monte's best!!! Mariscos La Bucana on Concert St have some of the fish tacos. Sir Pizza & Chicken (Lower Azusa/Arden) makes fresh dough every day. Huge slices of pizza ~ their anti pasta is awesome. Sir Jax Deli just reopened (new owners). Standard sandwiches, plus empenadas, beef stew, chicked fried steak, salads, breakfast items...

          welcome to smell-monte!!!

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            Hello guys, thank you for the tips, all the restaurant mention above we will for sure give a try, i think all this restaurant should last us for while, so i will come back to let yout guys know how we like it, thank you to all of you who responsed this messag.

          2. Dumpling 10053
            10053 Valley Blvd
            El Monte
            (626) 350-0188

            Viet Huong
            10721 Garvey Ave
            El Monte
            (626) 575-3717

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              Much agreed on Viet Huong. All the good standards served in a friendly environment with severs fluent in english. If somebody from the offices has never had Vietnamese is a good choice. Ive converted many there.