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Apr 18, 2008 03:56 PM

Ideas for breakfast that can be made at home and taken to/eaten at work

Everyday I am tempted to go to our cafeteria at work and get a big greasy egg, bacon and cheese sandwich. In order to curb this, I would like some ideas of breakfasts that I can make at home and take to work. My work commute is about 8 minutes from door to door, so not too bad.

I would prefer that these ideas be nutritious and not junk/grease. Thanks so much!

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  1. We get stuck on thinking breakfast has to be 'breakfast food'. I will often have a sandwich. Make an egg salad sandwich or ham and cheese. Use an English muffin if that makes it feel more like breakfast. Sliced fresh fruit, yogurt smoothie ( should last 8 minutes if you use frozen berries or fruit in it). Bagel-wich. Use whole grain bagel or muffin. Other question - why don't you eat breakfast at home?

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      I guess I should have clarified that part, I carpool and usually do not wake up early enough to eat breakfast at home and make it to work on time. Thanks for your reply.

    2. For me the idea is to cook it at home and take it.

      I went through months of successful Atkins dieting by making breakfast for 4 days on Sunday night. In a small saute pan make 4 plain omelets. When each is done slide it out onto a small paper plate. Let sit for about 10-15 minutes to cool. Add a slice of good cheese ... pepper jack or sharp cheddar for me. Top with 2 slices of micro bacon.

      Pop the whole thing into a plastic bag. The quart size is great.

      Each morning grab one for the trip to work. I micro the bacon for 10 seconds and remove. Add the paper plate and micro the omelet with cheese. Eat.

      You can also add things like mushrooms, spinach, etc. Or vary the meat by taking sausage links or deli ham.

      Not on Atkins, I now take it and slip it between a split croissant, bagel or English muffin. And lunch is a snack as breakfast is my favorite meal.

      Not on Atkins

      1. On the days when I'm in a hurry to get out the door I'll either grab a yogurt or one of those instant oatmeal packets and heat it up at work. Don't forget a spoon.
        Or, you can toast a bagel, schmear some cream cheese on it, put the two halves back together and wrap it in a paper towel.

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          I bring instant oatmeal to work a lot - I pour it into a microwavable tupperware and add a little bit of brown sugar, dried cranberries and a few nuts, then just add hot water when I get to work. I also bring pb&j to assemble and toast at work. I hate waking up early just to have time to eat at home, so I eat breakfast at work a lot! I also bring cereal in a tupperware and then those single-size juice box things of soy milk, and a banana. Great breakfast.

        2. i like making savory muffins for breakfast to go...some combos i like:

          sun dried tomato, parmesan, and basil
          bacon, cheddar, onion and chive
          ham, swiss, and roasted red peppers

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            I've done this before and it's great. Seems like a pain in the ass to make muffins for 1 person, but just do it. Then pack in individual zippy bags and freeze half or all. Toss one in the fridge the night before and it defrosts fine for the next morning. For ease, I would even add crumbled peppery bacon and shredded cheddar to Jiffy Corn muffin mix. Crack open and heat for a few seconds in the micro or in toaster oven until light brown. Tiny pat of butter if needed, and everyone is asking what smells so good.........
            Now I just grab leftovers or a Fage (if I can find one) and a squirt of honey plus some fruit. Or a protein shake (but that's another thread!)

          2. I rotate between the following things for breakfast:
            -homemade granola (I make a bunch, then bring it along in small single-serving tupperware containers).
            -this week, I made bread. I freeze most of it and defrost 2 slices the night before. I usually eat it plain (the bread itself often has lots of things in it already), but I keep a vat of almond butter at work, in case I want something more.
            -yogurt (either home made or store bought)
            -steel cut oats

            All of these I make a bunch over the weekend, and then it typically lasts the rest of the week. Now if you're a family of a few breakfast eaters, then it might last you only a few days. . ..

            It's not as good, but sometimes, I even bring leftover waffles/pancakes, etc. and heat them in the toaster oven.

            I'll usually supplement that with a piece of fruit.