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Apr 18, 2008 03:26 PM

Lemon juice concentrate

Is there anywhere I can buy lemon juice concentrate. I don't want lemonade concentrate, just the juice.

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  1. I bought some at Wholefoods bc it was a much better buy than a single lemon and the ingredient on the label was just "lemon juice". I forgot the brand but it came in a glass jar, and it was at the fresh fish section.

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    1. re: jisun1

      There are also citrus oils available. I have a Boyajian selection of lemon, lime, and orange. These are not extracts with alcohol. Supposedly they are the essential oils. A little goes a long way. Love them. The bottles say "pure lemon oil (lime, orange)." Don't know what your application is.

      1. re: jisun1

        The brand is Santa Cruz. They also have a lime juice. But this is juice, not concentrate. Minute Maid still makes concentrate; look in the freezer section of a supermarket.

      2. Why do you want concentrate? You can buy frozen lemon juice at the grocery store and I buy an organic lemon juice in a bottle in the health food aisle or a health food store.

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        1. re: sarah galvin

          +1. Just go to the freezer section where you normally get the frozen OJ, and pick up a can of frozen lemon juice. Just make sure to read the label and make sure that it does not contain added sugar or flavors. I have seen bottles of shelf-stable lemon juice concentrate in bottles in the juice aisle, but they taste as nasty as they sound.

          1. re: jerry i h

            How does commercial frozen lemon juice taste? My experience is that when I freeze food that contains lemon juice, when I defrost it, the balance of flavors has changed in a noticeable way. But perhaps they have better facilities than home freezing, so nothing changes?

            1. re: saltwater

              It tastes fine. Lately I have been freezing my own lemon juice. I buy a big bag and zest and juice the lemons for freezing.

            2. re: jerry i h

              I have been looking in the freezer section with no luck.

              1. re: randyjl

                It is made by minute maid (I think) and comes in a box (plastic bottle inside the box). As others have said, it's typically right next the orange juice concentrate in those cylindrical cans. Typically there are only a couple boxes of the lemon juice so you might have to poke around in the freezer case.

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