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Apr 18, 2008 02:55 PM

Steamed chicken with ginger dipping sauce?

When I lived in the Sunset District of San Francisco, there was this great Chinese restaurant that sold steamed chicken (half/whole) and the ubiquitous roast duck/roast pork....the chicken flew out the door (in a manner of speaking) and was served, if you ate it there, on the bone, cut into chunks with the skin on, with a side dish of grated ginger dipping sauce with oil, maybe salt and pepper? and a bowl of rice.

I am craving, CRAVING this dish but LA is not San Francisco....however, this may be a Chinese staple that I can go somewhere to pick up?

The chicken was always SO succulent, so fresh-tasting, not like these crazy hormone-injected monster chicken breasts you find in the grocery store....can someone help me? I live in Larchmont, and would happily go to Chinatown or if there is somewhere closer (K-town, Hollywood) where I can get my fix o' steamed chicken with that amazing dipping sauce.....thank u people! :)

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  1. Sam Woo BBQ Alhambra or Monterey Park....its as good if not better than San Franciso Clement Street district. Half-whole- or plate.

    1. this sounds similar to hainanese chicken and rice - i hear that alhambra is the place to go for it. here's a link to a thread i had bookmarked - reviews and addresses of places with the best!

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        thank you - yeah, bummer, i was hoping not to drive all that'll have to be a weekend trip. but if someone knows of somewhere closer, that would be most excellent.

      2. What you are probably looking for might actually be "Hainan chicken rice".

        Hainan chicken is usually prepared by boiling the chicken over and over in its own broth until its fall off the bone tender and served with a ginger-soy dipping sauce of one variety or another. It's served chopped up (with skin on), accompanied by dipping sauces and a mound of rice.

        Good places to try Hainan chicken rice are Savoy and Dong Nguyen.

        Even if Hainan chicken rice is not what you are looking for, give it try. Based on your description you'll probably enjoy it.

        Savoy Kitchen
        138 E. Valley Blvd.
        Alhambra, CA 91801
        (626) 308-9535

        Dong Nguyen
        1433 E. Valley Blvd.
        Alhambra, CA 91801
        (626) 300-8618

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          thank you - that sounds delicious! However, the dipping sauce I like definitely didn't have soy sauce. It was just grated ginger in some oil with salt & pepper. Simple...yet so addicting! ;P

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            I second Dong Nguyen for Hainan chicken

          2. I just found this blog in the SF Chowhound boards......"2) Salt Water Chicken (Yeem-Shui Cantonese) (Yen-Swei Mandarin) @ Porridge King @ the Ranch 99 Mall in Daly City. I adore this. This is my favorite chicken in the entire Bay Area. Poached ever so delicately, served at room temperature with a slightly gelatinous texture, and with that ginger/scallion sauce."

            So now I know it's Cantonese-style chicken! We are getting closer, folks.

            And now I remember there were scallions in that amazing dipping sauce.....

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              At Sam Woo BBQ its "salted chicken" on the menu. The sauce on the side is ginger & garlic and probably some green onion.

              There's a Sam Woo BBQ in LA Chinatown on Broadway-but I won't vouch for it because I've never had it there. Only at Sam Woo BBQ in Alhambra and Monterey Park.

              There is a fairly new place in LA Chinatown called Yum Cha Cafe (most dim sum is 99 cents/order) and they have it as like a lunch plate for like $3.99....rice, chicken and sauce for one. There's a sign at their location in San Gabriel advertising they use Vikon chickens....natural, no anti-biotics etc., but I wouldn't stake my life on it.

              BTW: The Peking duck (its roast duck-but they call it "Peking") at Sam Woo BBQ Monterey Park is flying off the racks there too...practically every table orders it and many take it out too.

            2. 101 Noodle Express has a cold chicken dish like the one you describe. Plus, their beef roll is wonderful.

              101 Noodle Express
              1408 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801