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Apr 18, 2008 02:49 PM

Santouka now open in SD

Today was their grand opening with the first 100 customers receiving a coupon for a free regular-sized bowl of ramen during a future visit. They'll repeat this same deal on Saturday as well. I tried the miso ramen... the ramen was slightly "al dente" and the broth a bit on the salty side. The meat was a little tough but still OK. If interested in pics, I posted a couple here:

Prices for regular sized ramen start at $7 and go up from there.

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  1. Green Turtle, where is this located?

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    1. re: SDgirl

      I think this took the place of the little restaraunt inside Mitsuwa market.

      1. re: SDgirl

        Oops, sorry for forgetting the location. It's in the Mitsuwa Japanese supermarket right off Kearny Mesa Rd across the street from In & Out (Balboa & 163).

        1. re: Green_Turtle

          Thank you both. Hubby and I had lunch a couple of months ago in the old Mitsuwa eatery and it was awful. Hopefully this new establishment will be better.