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Apr 18, 2008 02:40 PM

Need a Fraiche replacement for a party of 15 on Tuesday

Hi All,

I wanted to go to Fraiche celebrate my B-Day Tuesday with 14 friends, but these dorks just told me they didn't accept reservations for more than 8 people. I was looking forward to that plateau de fruits de mer, bummer. No way in hell I'm ever bringing anyone there.

Any ideas about a place in that same price range that would graciously enjoy having 15 people eating around 8 PM, and provide good food at decent prices? It's better if it's centrally located, it's OK if it's in Culver City too. Any ideas or recs? Most of my friends would like a 8/8.30 PM spot as everyone works late.
I really want to be able to book as I cannot see our group waiting forever for table(s).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Two places I know are accommodating for large parties are Palihouse (West Hollywood) and Malo (Los Feliz). Both are good b-day spots.

    And I think you're better off without Fraiche; not only did I have terrible service there, but I can also tell you that they charge $8 per person for you to eat your own cake.

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      I knew about the cake thing but I don't plan to bring it one. What I'm mostly peeved about is I had a very good time there last week. Granted, I'm French and our French waiter was adorable, so I was looking forward to coming back. But I won't now. The woman on the phone couldn't explain to me why they don't take rez for more than 8 people.

      I'm looking at Comme Ca, we may end up there. Palihouse may be OK. Thanks for the rec.

    2. I love Fraiche, so that sucks they can't accomodate you.

      Pailhouse is a good recommendation. Other options that may be able to accomodate you: Table 8, La Terza, Akasha, Citrus at Social.

      Not sure of your budget, but you could consider Pizzeria Mozza's private room (for 15-20). It's a minimum of $1500.

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      1. re: Obessed

        Ah, that's too pricey for most of us.
        I'll look up Table 8, I have a feeling Citrus may be a bit expensive.

      2. Wilshire could probably do it.

        1. How about Akasha? Went there recently before a theater performance and liked it a lot.

          1. I just need to throw in another note here: I'm no big fan of Fraiche, and I've read all of the posts that have criticized their front-of-the-house as being elitist, inflexible, inept, and even rude. But they have the absolute right to decline parties larger than a number they feel they can adequately service without hurting the rest of their clients, be it 8 or more or even less. A party of 15 requires more of the kitchen than three four-tops and two pairs, due to the need to get things out together. And its not just the kitchen -- large parties are inadvertantly and unconsciously demanding on the front as well, with never-ending drink and accessory orders and requests. If you aren't going to arrange in advance for a set menu or limited choices at a certain price (what did you tell them about drinks and wine?) then I can completely understand them declining your group, especially since they are still hot and in demand.