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Apr 18, 2008 02:31 PM

Indian/Malay Kitchen now open in Exton

I'd been watching eagerly seeing the signs for Indian/Malay kitchen in Exton. It is in the shopping center with Produce Junction adjacent to India Corner grocery.
It now appears to be open. It seems to be mostly takeout, order at the counter stuff, but they did have generous eat in seating, with probably 10-12 tables. Unfortunately they only had 1 copy of the menu and said the printer was coming at 5:30pm, so they must have very recently opened.

They also have a large bakery component, so had some breads and cookies. They had one case with criossants and puff pastries filled with indian fillings. I got a paneer tiki puff ($2.15), which was stuffed with some cubes of paneer and a thick spicy sauce. It was chilled so probably even better if you heat it up. Though also had a big assortment of cakes so I grabbed a slice of chocolate mousse cake for the wife ($2.35 or so).

I'll have to go back and get the menu and see if I can scan it in.
Let us know if anyone tries it.

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  1. oooh if you could scan a menu that would be awesome!
    i've had plans to go to lunch there with a coworker but they fell through. now i'm off on travel for 3 weeks so i'm going to have to wait to try them!

    1. Sounds like an informal takeout place? Refrigerated cases of baked goods? There's an Indian grocery store across from Royal India (or at least 1/4 mile further west on rte 30) that has a large refrigerator section filled with many kinds of pastries, shipped in from various parts of North America including Toronto.

      Like Rabidog requested, a scanned menu would be helpful, or at least a short list of some other items, or a comparison to the other Indian restaurants that have been described on this board.

      What's the easiest way to get to this place going south on 202 from King of Prussia/Wayne?

      Last time I got lost for awhile in having passed the rte 100 exit from 202 south and got back on the wrong rte 30 and never found Devi until I drove miles in various directions to get back on the "right" rte 30 to find this part of Exton. Two "Lancaster Avenues" is VERY confusing (yes, now I know that there is a "business rte 30.") The fact that there is not a similar way to get back on that rte 100 exit coming from the other direction of rte 202 is scandalous!!!! There should be a sign on rte 202 when one is going south with the words, "Exit for Devi restaurant." I am going to lobby for such signs - no more signs listing towns and cities, just ones listing restaurants. I'm surprised the restaurant groups haven't lobbied for such signs. Come to think of it, I think they do have them on the turnpike. Rte 202 is close enough for this part of the country to be considered a similar such road, given the speed that people drive and the consequence for missing an exit.

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        1. re: FelafelBoy

          Google's directions from 202 South:

          Take the US-30 E/US-30-BR exit toward Frazer/Exton
          Turn right at E Lincoln Hwy/US-30 W
          Continue to follow E Lincoln Hwy
          Turn right at N Pottstown Pike

          When you first exit off 202, make sure you take the left route (I think there's a sign saying "towards Exton") rather than the right route (Coatesville/Downingtown?)

        2. I did stop back on Friday and grabbed a menu. The "Malay" part of the sign has now been removed so it is just Indian and bakery. I'll try to scan menu up and put it somewhere later this week.