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Apr 18, 2008 02:03 PM

What?! You no like?

Scenario: You recommend a spot to your friend, co-worker, boss, relative…They dine at said spot and say “they won’t go back,” “it was just ok,” or “you actually like that place?”

Your thoughts? I have to admit that I’m always left wondering: what happened? Does Aunt Bea have no taste? Was my boss difficult and demanding and just plain unappeasable(just like at work?) Was the restaurant a little off that night?

Or is it me??? Did I read the person wrong? Am I holding on to some oldies that aren’t so goodie anymore???

I reconize that restaurants are not one size fits all, and that in matters of taste, there are no rights or wrongs(well, to a point...anyone with a developed palate could certainly define SOME rights and wrongs)...

I love to hear about your experiences in the world of restaurant recommendations….

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  1. There is this little cafe nearby that I liked, so I took my friend there, and she liked it too. (My friend eats at a lot of different restaurants, and most are pretty pricey and adventurous. I consider her to be more of a CH than I am.) Then she took her co-worker for lunch there. That woman declared it "totally disgusting" after 2 bites and refused to eat the rest. Huh? Was she unreasonable, or what. I really don't know, but it made me rethink recommending anything to anyone, unless I know them extremely well.

    1. "...well, to a point...anyone with a developed palate could certainly define SOME rights and wrongs..."

      I don't think so. And if you look at the problems countries of the world are having (the US and Germany and other "technically adept" countries) just figuring out what a standard "kilogram" actually is then there is not a snow balls chance in hell that something like food (given individual taste buds and the cultural differences in what flavors and textures people are drawn to) could ever be objectively "right" or "wrong"

      1. People's tastes are so different.

        I have one co-worker who's a very picky eater - won't eat this, wont eat that. Forget it, don't ask, won't even TRY anything unfamiliar. Another coworker is also picky - but in the same way that I am picky - quality better be good and execution had better be good. I know fro experience that when coworker #2 recommends a place to me, I'll like the food.

        On my local chow board, I know which regular posters have a palate that will please me, and others whose recs I can safely ignore. I'm sure there are people on that board who don't care for what pleases me, too.

        1. It's the negative reactions that make me reluctant to make restaurant recommendations to anyone unless I know them really well. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but I feel so strongly about many of my favorite restaurants that I can't help but getting defensive when they get a negative review.

          1. It can also depend on the place. I recommended a good friend and fellow chef to one of my favorite mexican places. I forgot to tell him that it was for the chile verde. He ordered something that I knew to be a "miss"- the mondongo, which I don't like at all.

            So, sometimes you have to steer a little.

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              Ok, I have to ask...what is mondongo?? I've eaten in Mexican restaurants all over the planet (including hundreds in Mexico), and never heard of this particular dish.....

              1. re: janetofreno

                tripe stew. Mondongo is apparently closely related to menudo but more commonly found in the you've basically heard of it (or a version of it) under a different name...