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Apr 18, 2008 01:54 PM

Need to pick a restaurant for dinner with husbands boss.

Okay, husband and I are going to dinner with his boss and some other important type people. Husbands boss has asked that we pick a restaurant, all he wants is the wow factor combined with good food. He said he was interested in Lucien, Colborne Lane and L’Unita. I also suggested either Splendido or Scaramouche.

So where do we go or at least try to make a reservation. It's for 2 weeks from now. Any suggestions? help? advice?

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  1. Please define "wow factor".

    1. Of the five, I've only been lucky enough to eat at L'Unita and Scaramouche. Much as I love L'Unita, I think it may be a bit too casual and perhaps too noisy for an important business dinner. Scaramouche (especially if you get a seat by the window) has "wow" factor, both food and atmosphere. I haven't been to Colborne Lane, but I wonder whether molecular gastronomy is a safe choice (unless you know that your important guests are adventurous foodies). On a final note, would you consider North 44? I've always found it to have impeccable service and divine food ("wow" food, IMHO), and the atmosphere would be suitable for a business dinner (though I don't know if it would qualify as "wow").

      1. I think he is defining wow factor as that the restauant has to have amazing food, great service, fantastic wine and also look good. The dinner isn't so much a business dinner as it is a thank you for your business dinner.

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          Splendido, Splendido, Splendido. The service is impeccible, the food divine, and the wow factor definitely on the menu :-)

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            Everyone is going to yell Splendido at you, but if your guests are real wine aficionados, consider Opus, on Prince Arthur. Wine Spectator magazine has given their cellar its Grand Award for five years running. And they have an excellent selection of caviar.

            1. re: grilledcheese

              Have you ever tried ordering wine there?
              A surprising number seem to be 'unavailable right now'!

          2. Splendido, period!!!
            Toronto's answer to a Michelin multiple-star restaurant. Has the 'total' package - Food, wine, service and ambience.

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                It's a real tough choice for me between Scaramouche and Splendido but I am leaning towards Splendido. The service is spot on. Too be honest, I think either one would not disappoint in any way. Both have it all - service, food, wine and ambience. In fact Scaramouche has a wonderful casual elegance to it and the view is fabulous. The service at Splendido may be a notch above Scaramouche. Please report back, love to hear which you chose.

                1. re: millygirl

                  Based on my recent visits, the food at Splendido is superior. Scaramouche is good - but seems a bit repetitive - sort of "isn't this what I had here last time?".
                  However at Splendido - which indeed has the service/atmosphere down pat; I find comments like - "the food was really great tonight' - I posted recently that David Lee may be the most underrated chef in Toronto - we all know he's good, but when we think of Splendido, the superb service is almost the first thing that comes to mind.

                  1. re: estufarian

                    Thank you all so much for your advice. We actually made a reservation for Splendido. Grilled Cheese, Love your rec for Opus but we were there 2 years ago for this dinner. We do it every year with the same people. So we try to choose a different restaurant every year. We had a great dinner there, awsome lamb combined with the Dead Arm Shiraz. I will post a report after.
                    Thanks again everyone.

            1. I'm guessing this dinner is being expensed through the office budget...if my boss is paying out his own pocket we usually end up at Big Fat Burrito. Centro and North 44 are still tops on my list when someone else is paying. The fifth inthe Entertainment District is kind of funky (though the elevator ride up can take a while). Bymark is always a good bet and they really know how to pair wine and food.

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                Bymark has gone down hill and is way over-rated! Food is mediocre. Both beef and fish dishes overcooked during recent meal!! No wonder Toronto life remove a whole star from its rating!