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Apr 18, 2008 01:45 PM

Whoops! Just added twice as much tomato paste as I should have

I'm making the Sara Moulton brisket recipe which calls for 1/4 cup of t.paste. I doubled all the quantities since I'm making a larger brisket and somehow quadrupled the tomato paste. Is it going to be too sweet? Any suggestions for correcting it. I already threw in some extra onions and some celery.

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  1. You might try a bit more wine ... or even water. When I add too much paste to a sauce, I find it gets a bit too thick, so you may want to try to thin it now. The taste doesn't seem to require a lot of correction, IMO - particularly since your liquid contains stock and wine. YMMV

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      Thanks for your response. I was thinking of adding extra veggies and more broth. I guess both will help dilute it. I'm surprised that it doesn't affect the taste too much. I guess I can correct whatever problems might arise when I make the gravy. Thanks again.

    2. Really should be fine I really wouldn't worry about it. If it really throws the dish off I will be surprised.