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Apr 18, 2008 01:29 PM

Best restaurants in Glendale?

Looking for moderately priced restaurants with good food in Glendale. I'd love to try Bashan but it's too pricey for what I'm looking for.

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  1. Shamshiri in Glendale is great for Persian, and I find the kabobs and rice dishes executed here better than the Westwood location (except for the freshly baked in-house bread in Westwood)

    1. Drive up to DISH in La Canada if the menu appeals to you

      1. Haven't been in a whle, but Carousel on the busy area of Brand Blvd is decent for Middle Eastern/Lebanese.

        Would second the Shamshiri rec. Don't remember it as having the greatest location/decor, but the food was always good.

        Went to Damon's steakhouse once. Corny Hawaiianish decor. IIRC, 1/2 of my large group was OK w/ the place, the others weren't impressed. I thought my steak was decently done.

        1. Is Cinnabar still there near the auto dealers on Brand? Used to be fairly well-received by Zagat back in the day.

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            Cinnebar's been closed for a couple of years now. I miss those retro cocktails!

          2. what price range are you holding to?