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Apr 18, 2008 01:14 PM

Steaks in Vegas w/the Boys!

Hi all,

The guys and me are getting together for a weekend in Vegas coming up in the next couple of months and we need some suggestions for a couple of great steak places in Vegas. We're staying at the Mandalay. I've seen mixed reviews for Stripsteak, which we were thinking of trying, and I haven't seen much about the Charlie Palmer restaurant there as far as steaks. I've also heard about Prime, Delmonico's, N9NE, and Craftsteak. We're looking for a feast of GREAT STEAKS AND GREAT SIDES. And portions are important. I mean seriously, if you saw us walking down the hall, you'd think it was an NFL offensive line. And as for price, we may not be Big Time(although we roll like it), but when it comes to steak, money is NO OBJECT.

BTW, we've done the typicals; Morton's, Lawry's, Ruth's Chris (the Ruth Chris in Vegas is NO BUENO compared to others) so we're looking for something different. Thanks.

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  1. I think you all would have a great time at Stripsteak. The steaks are fantastic, the apps/sides/etc. are different ( not the same ole, same ole ... ), and the scenery is just what the doctor ordered for a group of guys in Vegas. N9NE is the same way. Either would suffice for your purposes.

    Craftsteak is my favorite but it doesn't have the hip vibe to it that the other two do.

    1. The sides rate to be great at Craftsteak, but the portion sizes might not be as big as at some of the chains.

      1. I was out there recently and really enjoyed N9NE. Make sure you hit Burger Bar @ Mandalay too.

        1. Thanks for the comments. Nice drop on the Burger Bar. We'll definetly be stoppin there. Keep'um comin!

          Oh, and if it helps in the recommendations, the RIBEYE is the preferred cut for this gluttony crew.

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            Since you mention ribeye, I suppose this is where I should step into this conversation. Back in January I had a Vegas "battle of the ribeye" between Craftsteak, Stripsteak and Prime.
            In my eyes, Craftsteak was the clear winner. The only thing that stops me from giving you a wholehearted recommendation is what you mention about the sides. The portions are not huge by any means, they're very good, but just not that big for appetites like yours. You'd definitely have to order quite a few of them.
            In fact, at all the Vegas steakhouses I've been to so far, none of them really have what I would consider big portions of sides.

            1. re: robz

              Last time i was at Prime i had the bone-in ribeye and it was one of the best steaks i have ever had period. It was huge and cooked exactly right, slight crust on the edges and tender all the way through. Very nice steakhouse but not 'hip' like some of the others...

            2. I was in Vegas in January, not a huge steak place fan, and we ate at CraftSteak. LOVED IT. The bread pudding dessert was amazing, I still think about it.