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Steaks in Vegas w/the Boys!

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Hi all,

The guys and me are getting together for a weekend in Vegas coming up in the next couple of months and we need some suggestions for a couple of great steak places in Vegas. We're staying at the Mandalay. I've seen mixed reviews for Stripsteak, which we were thinking of trying, and I haven't seen much about the Charlie Palmer restaurant there as far as steaks. I've also heard about Prime, Delmonico's, N9NE, and Craftsteak. We're looking for a feast of GREAT STEAKS AND GREAT SIDES. And portions are important. I mean seriously, if you saw us walking down the hall, you'd think it was an NFL offensive line. And as for price, we may not be Big Time(although we roll like it), but when it comes to steak, money is NO OBJECT.

BTW, we've done the typicals; Morton's, Lawry's, Ruth's Chris (the Ruth Chris in Vegas is NO BUENO compared to others) so we're looking for something different. Thanks.

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  1. I think you all would have a great time at Stripsteak. The steaks are fantastic, the apps/sides/etc. are different ( not the same ole, same ole ... ), and the scenery is just what the doctor ordered for a group of guys in Vegas. N9NE is the same way. Either would suffice for your purposes.

    Craftsteak is my favorite but it doesn't have the hip vibe to it that the other two do.

    1. The sides rate to be great at Craftsteak, but the portion sizes might not be as big as at some of the chains.

      1. I was out there recently and really enjoyed N9NE. Make sure you hit Burger Bar @ Mandalay too.

        1. Thanks for the comments. Nice drop on the Burger Bar. We'll definetly be stoppin there. Keep'um comin!

          Oh, and if it helps in the recommendations, the RIBEYE is the preferred cut for this gluttony crew.

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            Since you mention ribeye, I suppose this is where I should step into this conversation. Back in January I had a Vegas "battle of the ribeye" between Craftsteak, Stripsteak and Prime.
            In my eyes, Craftsteak was the clear winner. The only thing that stops me from giving you a wholehearted recommendation is what you mention about the sides. The portions are not huge by any means, they're very good, but just not that big for appetites like yours. You'd definitely have to order quite a few of them.
            In fact, at all the Vegas steakhouses I've been to so far, none of them really have what I would consider big portions of sides.

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              Last time i was at Prime i had the bone-in ribeye and it was one of the best steaks i have ever had period. It was huge and cooked exactly right, slight crust on the edges and tender all the way through. Very nice steakhouse but not 'hip' like some of the others...

            2. I was in Vegas in January, not a huge steak place fan, and we ate at CraftSteak. LOVED IT. The bread pudding dessert was amazing, I still think about it.

              1. Not one for the "chains" myself but did have an awesome meal at smith and wolensky's, killer seafood platter appetizer followed by a massive rib-eye, sides are the ususal fare but good. Not sure if the cigar store is still open but afterwards we enjoyed a nice maduro & drambui

                1. I love Craft too and the portions I thought were pretty good and very rich. A few months back I was at the bar at N9NE and someone ordered a ribeye that made me drool. I need to check that out -- I have only had the burger and salad at N9NE

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                    N9NE definitely has some good food. I don't tend to like it mainly because it's way to loud and club-like to enjoy the food ( I have a good time but when I'm eating I like to enjoy my food as opposed to strike-a-pose-and-be-seen ). But they do have some gems - the rock shrimp app, the garbage salad, the crisp potato gnocchi with white truffle cream ... wow. I could eat that gnocchi alone for dinner.

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                      The bone-in ribye at N9NE is a thing of beauty - my husband and I share it, so it would be perfect for big eaters. The crispy gnocchi with white truffle cream sauce are addictive. Lobster mashed potatoes have also been good. I think the sides at N9NE are probably heartier than the sides at Craftsteak. I would say the "hipness" quotient at N9NE and Stripsteak are probably equivalent but the food's a lot better at N9NE - two visits to Stripsteak left us generally unimpressed with the food.

                    2. On the weekends I tend to like somewhat of a scene ( not as sceney as Pure or Tao) but I love to people watch and check out the many inappropriate outfits while I am enjoying my steak. Othertimes I like refinement and quiet and good food. What can I say I like to mix it up. I saw the gnocchi on the menu -- i need to go back and try it with the ribeye. I need to bring a long a good sharer.

                      1. I've enjoyed reading these comparisons of the steak houses as I'm also trying to decide on one for our group. Does anyone know if any of these steak houses feature GRASS FED beef? Everyone's nuts about the specialty (Kobe etc.) but after reading all the articles and seeing a special on PBS about the difference between grass fed US beef VS. grain-fed (feedlot) beef...I would really like to take our group to a place that features the GRASS fed. It's supposed to be quite tasty...and better for you.

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                          Thanks to all the hounds for their recommendations! Good thing we plan on having two steak dinner nights! Now about the grass fed V grain fed... if grass fed taste better, then let's talk. But if it's not and only healthier, then not so much. I can get a salad anywhere if I want to be healthy. This post is strictly about the TASTE!!!

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                            I know that Craftsteak serves both grass and grain fed beef.

                            As far as the taste - grain fed wins with both hands tied behind it's back. Herbaceousness isn't something that I want to taste in my beef, especially if given the choice between grass and grain fed. Different strokes ...

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                              N9ne, hands down, if you want a fun, loud, steak place with hot babes/hip vibe and, most importantly, great steaks and desserts. If you want a more subdued place, Prime.

                          2. Interesting, guys. I was talking TASTE actually. I saw a special by Gourmet magazine (their show on PBS) recently about grass fed vs. grain fed beef and they were talking like the taste of grass fed was SO much better. i want to try it myself and taste what the buzz is about.......but after searching in our city found there is not any available in our grocery stores.....since we'll be in Vegas in a week, I thought maybe I could try it there.

                            1. You might consider Mario Batali's new Italian steakhouse, Carnevino. I talked with one of the managers who helped open this restauarant. ays they are dry aging their beef from 5 to 9 weeks...and sourcing it differently from most everyone else in town.


                              1. I lived in Vegas for eight years and had the opportunity to try most of the steakhouses in town. I have to admit my "go to" steakhouse is Delmonico's. I've never had a bad experience there. I have to admit that, for a bunch of guys, N9NE is a good call as well. It has a definite party vibe that is hard to match.

                                Also, if you are interested in pure beef, one of my unsung favorites is Lawry's Prime Rib, order the "Beef Bowl Cut", it is a double rib cut. It certainly is a challenge for a beef eater.

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                                  "I lived in Vegas for eight years and had the opportunity to try most of the steakhouses in town. I have to admit my "go to" steakhouse is Delmonico's. I've never had a bad experience there."
                                  I have a rez there in June. I just read a comment on CH in another thread that said that all the steaks use Emeril's "essence." (Sounds like body sweat). Anyway do the steaks have some other flavor than steak? I don't need any BAM! overpowering my steaks.

                                  1. re: The Old Man

                                    I've never liked the flavor of the beef at Delmonico. I've been there twice to sub par meals both times. With all the other great steakhouse options in town that are consistently great, I've got no reason to go back there again. I honestly don't know why it gets such great reviews here and is constantly sold out.

                                    1. re: azbirdiemaker

                                      I got to tell you, as a new Chowhounder, I find this site very useful and totally useless. For every good review there's a bad one. For every rave there's a horrid experience. I think I like best the Zagat method (which I've used for over 20 years), because it's statistical. But I don't know what to think anymore. Can we all agree Picasso Restaurant is great? Probably not.

                                      1. re: The Old Man

                                        As a longtime user, I find it's actually helpful to get to "know" posters on the board(s) you use and see how your own opinions stack up with theirs. That way you can totally ignore some people while paying extra attention to others. The best example I have on the Southwest board is people who suggest Maggiano's in Vegas - they may like it but to me it's a deal breaker, so I probably won't pay much attention to their opinions on other restaurants. I sometimes suggest Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill in the MGM for a lunch option, because I like it, and that probably has yielded some detractors for me. Etc. The Southwest board is a little different when it comes to Vegas because there seem to be fewer locals than other boards, and lots of non-locals but regular visitors post a lot - like me, lol.

                                        1. re: Debbie W

                                          Sorry I hijacked the thread--but you're right--I sure wouldn't listen to anyone who raved about Maggianos. The real thing is that a place like Wolfgang's is that what you see is what you get and it's usally more than competently prepared. But I can't stand the erstaz "just a family restaurant" style of places like Maggiano's, Buca di Bepo (dreadful), etc. At least be true to what you are creating. No Maggianos didn't start in an Italian neighborhood in NJ or NY or Chicago. One of the first was in Old Orchard shoppiong mall in Skokie IL!

                                2. Yeah I usually feel the same way with anyone who recommends the Burger Bar and IN and Out. So thats almost everyone on here. Seriously, I am a local and I have eaten at BB on countless occasions, tried every variety and still I think its nasty. I do think the sides are good but I need some meat. In and Out is McDonald's with a tomato

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                                  1. re: Justjenn

                                    who goes back to a place "countless times" if the food is nasty??

                                    1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                                      Whenever a Chowhounder complains about the outrageous cost of the five-star places like Alex, JR, and GS, I typically tune out and go to the next post. Five-star restaurants typically come with five-star prices which as with every else in Vegas, is amplified even more than normal. With the info available (menus, reviews, blogs, etc.) stickershock should never be an issue. If one is not internet savvay, then most all good restaurants have their menu displayed before you ever reach the hostess. The folks who flame these spots because they do not come with "Rosemary's" or "Maggiano's" type value (you know who you are) are the opinions I tend to ignore as Debbie W stated.

                                  2. I go with friends before concerts usually -- they pick it everytime because its a cheap, close to HOB and the bartender is friendly -- not because of the food...so i suck it up and try something different. Everytime I am dissapointed .

                                    1. Would you really put Rosemary's and Maggiano's in the same category? Just trying to get to know my neighbors :)

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                                        Of course not, Justjenn. They are both commonly viewed as values though. I love Rosemary's, although I feel compelled to rip on it since it is often referred to as "best in Vegas" which it is far from.
                                        Actually, I'm not a neighbor. I live in Arizona. If I have my way though, I will soon have a condo in Vegas as a second home.

                                        1. re: climberdoc

                                          Ahh good you had me worried. I love Rosemary's too although its not the best meal I ever had in vegas -- but its great and doesnt suffer from the vulgar prices on the strip..but then again its in a strip mall.. I am with you I expect the 5 stars to be expensive and once in a while I splurge and I know what I am in for before I walk through the door and enjoy the experience(although i got to say i havent been to any of the ones with the over 150 price tag per person without alcochol yet -- no matter how exquisite it is i got a mortgage to pay..those who can pay for it more power to you). I think the problem here is I agree with Debbie that this board suffers from a non locals focus which sometimes can get annoying. But then again the town itself suffers from what a lot of big cities have and this one doesn't... cool neighborhoods with a constant turnover of local non chain restaurants like rosemary's to try. I grew up in NY and we could walk in the city with or without research and stumble on a gem without reservations or the vulgar pricetag --it happens here but not often enough. And one other thing while I ramble. I have recommended Maggioanos but usually to tourists who use the following criteria...they want cheap --under 20 bucks without alcohol, something that will accomodate large parties, on the strip not willing to travel, want vegetarian options etc. You so limit your options . Maggianos is not my favorite in town for italian by a long shot but if your going to ask recommendations and be limiting you got limited choices and Maggiano's is a chain and it can do the job. And while the tourists who put those parameters on their requests eat at Maggiano's I will be at Nora's (but probably someone doesn't like that either) .Alright time to actually cook now. Weren't we talking about Steak? I think the poster didn't like my suggestion but I still stand by Craft..although I am bummed they took the cheesey polenta off the menu.