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Jul 28, 2002 04:04 PM

delicious hot dogs, etc, from Finney's (Beverly Hills)

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I had the pleasure of "dining" at Finney's yesterday, Saturday afternoon. about 12 outdoors tables, almost all of them were taken, very nice crowd.

not an easy place to find; just remember it is not directly on Olympic Blvd, although the address is 8840 Olympic Blvd., but it is behind Olympic, in the alley.(but if you have to be in an alley ,minds' well be a Beverly Hills alley!)

the hot dogs were grilled perfectly, reminded me of the kind I get in N.Y.C....they had they that "bite" to them.....crispy , with a nice fresh, beefy, taste. certainly the best I ever had in LA. (yes, even better than Pinks!)

the owner, Sande, could not be more warm and hospitable. He even told me he enjoys this Chowhound web site as well. (Hi Sande!)....

I also tried the hamburger; nice homestyle taste; I should have tried the fries, as well, cause they looked good & crispy.

and I took out a tuna sandwich for the next day. (this morning). very good quality tuna.

also had a chocolate egg cream.. the real thing.

so it's worth it to find this place!! (right behind the Beverly Hills Courier office building.

and tell Sande hello!

happy munching!......Ellen

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    Sounds worth a trip Ellen, do you know the nearest cross street?

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    1. re: Filmfreaketta

      S. Clark Dr.....Enjoy.

      1. re: Filmfreaketta

        hi, yes I do..... it is on Olympic, between Clark and Swall. (just west of Robertson).....enjoy!!!!

        the hours are 11 am to 6 pm Mon thru Sat. so don't make a mistake of going on a Sunday....(closed!)

      2. n

        My faves for hot dogs are:
        Marty's (stand) on the south side of Pico Boulevard at Manning (about three blocks east of Westwood Blvd. Good burgers, too!
        Harvey's "World's Largest Pastrami Sandwich" at the corner of Motor Ave. and Palms in Culver City/Palms. Order the Large Cheesedog. They also do a rather good Philly Cheesesteak (and I know!). Open 11-8 M-Sa. Closed Sundays.
        Note that being from Philadelphia, I prefer dogs that don't snap- pork and beef usually.

        1. been going there for years, everything fresh, clean, priced very reasonably.