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Apr 18, 2008 01:09 PM

Chowfind: Miss Cora's Kitchen

Couldn't find Miss Cora on the message boards, so I'm starting afresh.

Miss Cora's Kitchen is in Kensington Market (69 Kensington Ave., to be exact)...and it's a delight!

We got the pesto chicken square of pizza and tiny pear spice muffin (pics on my blog).. and oooh was it ever good!

You MUST stop by when you are in the area and get a muffin or a cookie or a coffee or one of the deliiiiiiiiicious squares of pizza. Great little find in the KM.

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  1. Is that the little place on the east side of Kensington, first block south of Baldwin. No seating but just a little refrigerator case on the left and some baked stuff on the right - yes? If so, I happened in there the other week - there wasn't much left to choose from (so I ended up at Urban Herbivore) but it looked quite cute.

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    1. re: peppermint pate

      Yes! I guess we've gotta get there early!

    2. The lemon tart is out of this world...I have not been to KM since October, but Miss Cora was charging $12 for a 12" tart which seemed super reasonable for a gorgeous, fresh, made to order, butter crust tart...I am glad you reminded me of that little gem, I gotta have that tart!

      1. every time i go by i have to jump in and get a mini cupcake .. perrfect

        1. I think its overrated. I can't believe NOW twice has given it rave reviews. The only really exceptional thing about the place is the service. Cora and her colleagues are lovely people. The food is organic which is a plus but nothing about the taste screams you gotta come back here. Its meh food.

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          1. re: Millie_TCK

            I don't know if it was because my Jumbo Empanada experience was so bad, but I really enjoyed Miss Cora's food...I will definitely be going back!

          2. The samples usually make we weak enough to buy something whenever I pass by - the Hello Dolly bars are quite tasty.