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Apr 18, 2008 01:09 PM

The Hungry Cat?

Reviews of the food and atmosphere at the Hungry Cat, notwithstanding the frightening architecture surrounding it, would be appreciated.

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  1. I highly recommend the place. They rebuilt it recently and it's very nice inside, even if you eat outside, with the buildings around, you don't really notice because you are surrounded by plants.
    Anyway, the food is excellent, the fish is fresh and there are some interesting plates on the menu (actually, everything is worth to try). Also the wine list is noticeable, small but with many different wines you won't find anywhere else, greatly priced.
    The staff is very kind.

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    1. re: walessja

      We're planning to go there tonight post-Arclight (around 10-ish). Will we not be able to get near the place? Or do we have a shot?

      1. re: nick_r

        You have a shot. They recently expanded and have two bars now if you can't get a table. Service is better at the bars anyway. Was there last night and had the snapper in a green curry sauce. It was out of this world good!!! Highly recommended along with the blood orange negroni.

        1. re: love2eat

          Perfect; we were planning on sitting at the bar anyway. Can't wait to try the drinks.

            1. re: love2eat

              We really enjoyed it. Drinks were outstanding! Delicious and strong. As for food, we're both vegetarian so we knew going in that there wouldn't be a lot we could eat, but we were pleasantly surprised by the salad and cheese plate we ordered, both of which were definitely above average by any standard. Very friendly bartender too. And we probably stood around for about 10 minutes waiting for space at the bar to open up, but it wasn't too bad. It's a great spot and probably worth going to the Arclight more often to have an excuse to stop by.

    2. Great mixed drinks and good creative seafood dishes. Not cheap but worth it. On my last visit enjoyed a wonderfully refreshing cocktail called "Luke's Lemonade" and very good scallops with pork cheeks. Portions are on the small side so definitely consider an app or salad if you are very hungry. The market lettuce salad is great

      1. We've been a few times--always good. The seafood entrees are impeccable bistro-level fare and the pug burger is great. I am sad that they took the lobster sandwich off the menu, though. Luke's Lemonade is fantastic--all of their fancy fixed drinks are above average. I would warn you about the seafood platters, however. We have had mixed levels of quality on the platters and while the sauces are divine, when you've had a bad clam, there isn't much you can do to salvage your taste buds. Overall a good place, however.

        1. I like this place and the menu changes every now and then.

          1. I've been to this place probably about a dozen times and its always been fantastic...but, the last time i was there it was painfully bad. The drinks were good as always, but the service was horrible and the food was a disappointment and the way that the manager handled the whole situation was disgraceful. One of the worst dining experiences I've ever had. Would I go back? One more shot - but not on a Sunday.