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Apr 18, 2008 01:07 PM

Best cappuccino in Oakvile or T.O.??

Ciao chowhound-ers!
I've just come back from a trip to Italy and am craving some seriously good cappuccino (which was *heaven* in Rome!), anyone have any good suggestions for places around Oakville, or downtown TO (definitely willing to ride the GO train for a good cup)?



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  1. Manic Coffee. College St, just east of Bathurst.

    That's all you really need to know. :)

    1. I was in the same boat a few months back and thankfully, I'm delighted with the Capp @ Mercatto. Their Latte's are also quite delicious and well made.

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        Personally, I think the cappuccino at Manic blows Mercatto out of the water. Dark Horse is great too. Not as big on Mercury, even though it is quite popular on the board.

        1. re: futronic

          Agreed, Manic is one of those places that has exceedingly high "standards and practices", no doubt the best place to get any coffee in the GTA.

          Have to disagree with Gato Nero, a friend raved about it but upon trying it found it to be not bad, but not great either. Same for their panzerotto.

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            Hmmm, well I do like a challenge, so will get myself over to Manic this week to see how it compares to Mercatto.
            I will report back...........

        2. My fav is at Gato Nero (College, two blocks east of Ossington).

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            I lived in Rome for 8 years and my father brought the first espresso machine into Canada. My vote for an authentic cappuccino experience would be at B Espresso Bar on Queen Street - ask Bruno to make it for you.

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              I'm at b! almost every morning as it's close to my office. I also enjoy the coffee there. It's much more Italian in its styling (very similar to IllyCafe in a concept). Alessandro great behind the bar.

          2. thanks for all the suggestions folks! Will definitely try Manic and B Espresso and report back...

            1. There's one thing to remember about Manic, Mercury, Dark Horse, etc. Those are all third wave coffee shops and a third wave cappucino is very different than a traditional Italian cappucino. The portioning is the same, but the milk frothing is very different. Its like the difference between dim sum at Rol San and dim sum at Lai Wah Heen.

              Personally, I prefer a 3rd wave cap over the traditional ones. Silky smooth and full bodied.

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                yes def true. i am a huge capuc fan, and I have yet to find a true italian style one in toronto.

                that being said, the "3rd wave cap" choices are good. personally
                bull dog and manic are top 2. other mentions are Le Gourmand, Dark Horse and Jet Fuel (though order a machiatto if you want a capuc)

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                  I tend to order more lattes than capps - for lattes, I put Manic at #1. For capps, I actually like Bar Italia and Terroni.

                  Curious as to the expression "third wave" as I've never heard it before. What does this mean exactly?