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Apr 18, 2008 12:43 PM

Brussels Sprouts

I've recently come to love Brussels sprouts, especially good roasted ones.

What restaurants in manhattan have especially good BS dishes? Roasted, whatever, just guide me to the best!

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  1. Alta has fantastic brussel sprouts. As does Blue Hill, and out in Brooklyn Beast

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    1. re: ginsbera

      Love Alta's! Theirs have pistachios and apples mixed in.

    2. These are a seasonal item that you might not find on a lot of menus in the spring/summer. I've had particularly good ones at Casa Mono and have heard that the brussel sprouts at Momofuku Ssam Bar are good when they're on the menu.

      1. Yes, the brussels sprouts at Momofuku is the best!

        Craft also has a great one, so does Alta and Casa Mono mentioned above.

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        1. re: kobetobiko

          Forgot about Craft--I second those.

        2. The ones at ilili are incredible; I think it's the sweet fig sauce they add to them that puts them over the top. Last time I went with a party of four, we had three orders of the brussels sprouts because we liked them so much.

          I've also had good ones at A Voce and Park Avenue Winter (not sure if they're on the spring menu?)

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          1. re: KiwiGirl625

            ya those were great sprouts at ilili; I had a lot of good food there, incredibly expensive for what it is but . . . . different somehow.

          2. I thought the ones at August were excellent