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Brussels Sprouts

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I've recently come to love Brussels sprouts, especially good roasted ones.

What restaurants in manhattan have especially good BS dishes? Roasted, whatever, just guide me to the best!

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  1. Alta has fantastic brussel sprouts. As does Blue Hill, and out in Brooklyn Beast

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      Love Alta's! Theirs have pistachios and apples mixed in.

    2. These are a seasonal item that you might not find on a lot of menus in the spring/summer. I've had particularly good ones at Casa Mono and have heard that the brussel sprouts at Momofuku Ssam Bar are good when they're on the menu.

      1. Yes, the brussels sprouts at Momofuku is the best!

        Craft also has a great one, so does Alta and Casa Mono mentioned above.

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          Forgot about Craft--I second those.

        2. The ones at ilili are incredible; I think it's the sweet fig sauce they add to them that puts them over the top. Last time I went with a party of four, we had three orders of the brussels sprouts because we liked them so much.

          I've also had good ones at A Voce and Park Avenue Winter (not sure if they're on the spring menu?)

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            ya those were great sprouts at ilili; I had a lot of good food there, incredibly expensive for what it is but . . . . different somehow.

          2. I thought the ones at August were excellent

            1. Boqueria (19th between 6th & 5th) has good pan roasted one's in a lil bit of broth with chorizo.

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                Abboccato had a great brussel sprout dish that accompanied the lamb

              2. They're not roasted, but I love the brussels sprouts at Lupa. I think they are shredded raw and tossed with olive oil and pecorino.

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                  I second this - the shredded ones at Lupa are amazing.

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                    I third this, though they were not on the menu when I was there a couple of weeks ago. They often have a good version at Otto as well.

                  2. Westville east and Westville

                    1. I recently had very nice pan sauteed brussel sprouts at BLT Steak.

                      1. I agree with Katherine---the ones at Lupa are delicious!

                        1. I agree that Alta's are incredible. I've gone numerous times just for the brussel sprouts - and sometimes they even sell out! This post is making me hungry. Please try Alta's and report back here!

                          1. i think i fell in love with brussel sprouts at Momofuku Noodle bar way back when!

                            also love them at Otto, and when they have been a special at Ed's Lobster Bar (also made with bacon there too)

                            ok i'm having the craving now too and will have to try them at a few more of these places! -)

                            1. the side of brussel sprouts at perilla are insanely delicious. im mainly a meat eater but couldnt stop eating these.

                              1. Dovetail!!! Dovetail!!!!
                                Appetizer that I wish was a main course!!!
                                I would go back just for them, but the whole experience was lovely.

                                1. I swear, I think i have been waiting for someone to ask me this question! Once posted the only reason I go back to Spotted Pig was for the sprouts. I love brussel sprouts, girlfriend hates them, neither of us could get enough of them. Check availability, though, may not have them this season.

                                  1. bar blanc has really good BS too

                                    1. Citarella's store on Third Ave. and 75th St. has them in the prepared food section.
                                      Roasted with mushrooms...YUMMY
                                      Now you can eat them everyday!