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New York Seltzer

Does anyone remember these? They came in many flavors and were in the little glass bottles. They are no longer around, but man could I go for one of them right now! Does anyone have any insight on these...maybe they are sold under a different name? Or there are other seltzers out there that are similar......

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  1. I used to love them as a kid. My coworker and I were just talking about them last week. If you're near a Taco-Time, they tend to have the Raspberry version with their fountain drinks...

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      I was trying to remember which fast food chain had it on their menu, and you're right, it's Taco Time. Just today I saw the Red Raspberry flavor in the fountain drink selections at a Cenex/Zip Trip store.

    2. I remember them but haven't seen them in a while. They weren't bad, as compared to the original flavorless original. There used to be (maybe still is) a company around here called The Seltzer Sisters, who sells, well, seltzer, in the traditional large glass bottles.

      1. I've seen the peach, raspberry and vanilla varieties at Big Lots in New Hampshire. Just as tasty as I remember from grade school...

        1. ahhh, NY Seltzer! Oh how I wish! I just recently ran across a bottle of Clearly Canadian and almost died from the nostalgia! Then I read the label. Wow.

          1. oh wow yes. :) my dad used to buy these for us when we were kids instead of soda to sip on family movie nights. i LOVED them. i long for them every once in awhile...

            1. I loved the lemon-lime and the clear root beer.

              1. I am reviving this post. Has anyone seen New York Seltzer anywhere lately? Does anyone know what happened to the brand?

                As a reminder: http://www.fasttopten.com/item.aspx?i...

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                  I'd say the end of NY Seltzer came from the excess of success. The brand was loved by many and sadly squandered by the father & son who brought the beverage to market. The son, Randy Miller was only 24 years. Here he is today:

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                    Thank you so much. This was extremely helpful!!

                2. That's a blast from the past, I remember them fondly from the 80's. I wish they were still around, because they would be fun to use in mixed drinks. I would rather buy a small bottle of vanilla flavored soda to use in a cocktail, than waste money on a whole bottle of vanilla flavored vodka for example.