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Apr 18, 2008 12:27 PM

frozen yogurt in carroll gardens/cobble hill

is it just me, or is the neighborhood crying out for a pinkberry/yolato/red mango, or even better, a non-chain place that serves the wonderful tangy yogurt that has taken the city by storm. i know about the greek place in the slope, but has anyone heard anything about our very own yogurt place in ch/cg? and yes this msg was prompted by today's glorious weather.

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  1. Funny -- I was having the same exact craving last week! I couldn't find anything in CG / CH, so I headed over to Park Slope.

    Walked into Oko on 5th Ave, but they only had a bunch of flavored fro-yos -- no plain. Walked back out without trying anything. (I've never understood flavored yogurt -- it's sort of like flavored coffee -- why add weird artificial-tasting flavors on top of something that already has a perfectly good flavor?)

    Strolled over to 7th Ave and went to Yogo Monster, which I think is a chain. Ordered a small plain with strawberries. The yogurt satisfied the craving (definitely tasted yogurt-y and tangy), but it wasn't as creamy as I wanted it to be, and the strawberries were obviously from the freezer. My husband had the blueberry, which I thought was sort of overly sweet and didn't taste much like blueberries. It was ok, but I was left wishing for something a little better.

    What's the Greek place? Anyone know of any other places?

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      That new ice cream place on Atlantic btw bond and nevins has a plain yogurt flavored ice cream.

      1. re: max

        It's a bit of a walk depending on where exactly you are, but Blue Pig up on Henry Street has frozen yogurt. It's nothing earth shattering, but I live in the area, and it's pretty much my only option.

        1. re: fishermb

          With Blue Pig now shuttered, it would seem like the 'hood is out of options, but that's being changed...
          Yofiore is opening on Court and Remsen
          Yogo Monster is opening at Court between State & Schermerhorn
          Red Mango will be across the street on Court between State & Atlantic


          1. re: fishermb

            OMG I looove Red Mango. This is exciting news. Any idea when it's opening?

            1. re: oolah

              Great News! I heard that its going to be opening up soon! I love the big O (red mango too!)

              1. re: memoyum

                I tried one of the newcomers, "yogomonster" last night, and was not impressed at all. $4 seems like a lot for some yogurt on a cone, and I still don't get why "flavors" cost $1 more.

                1. re: fishermb

                  Yeah I tried yogomonster a few weeks ago and it was icy, probably because the powder and water mixture crystalizes. I asked Red Mango why theirs is more creamy, they said they use a liquid formula. Also the toppings are fresher.

        2. re: max

          Yep, at Blue Marble. That stuff is very good, but it's not soft-serve, which what I think the OP was looking for (and what I was craving last week). Blue Marble is actually quite good all around -- their pistachio almondine is wonderful!

          1. re: max

            Wait a minute ... yogurt-flavored ice cream? It's ice cream, but it's supposed to taste like yogurt? This is madness!! What's next, butter that tastes like margarine? Cats and dogs, getting along? Surely this is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

            1. re: Client 9

              Nah, it's yogurt. Called "Culture." I was there a few nights ago. They were super nice and gave samples to my dogs (who are yogurt enthusiasts).

              1. re: Puppimus

                Haha! My pup is eagerly awaiting the start of Italian ice season.

          2. re: oolah

            Oko definitely has an original, I had one last week. It's super tangy, and even better topped with the fresh mango. We too were discussing this walking home from Park Slope - Atlantic Ave would be perfect, either in the old Ben & Jerry's, or the recently vacated Adam's Bakery/Nosh spot.

            1. re: oolah

              Yogo Monster is opening a new location on Court between State and Schermerhorn (the old Sam's Teriyaki space or whatever it was called). Currently under construction so not sure when it will open.

            2. Isn't there a Tasty D-light on Court?

              1. I am so with you. I was at the pinkberry in the east village the other day and was just thinking that our neighborhood totally needs something like this. doesn't have to be a chain, but frankly, I would be thrilled with a pinkberry, or anything, really. if they set up near carroll park, they should do great business. I would take my kids there over the ice cream truck or baskin robbins anyday!
                I'm dreaming of it now, the plain yogurt with mochi and strawberries.

                1. Maybe the Korean guy who is opening up shops in Jackson Heights would want to open one in Brooklyn. He started with Yogurberry on 37th Ave. and just this past week opened up his own (not a franchise) that is called Yofiore or Yogifiore or something. I believe there is already a Fiore and a Ce Fiore, a Pinkberry and a Yogurberry, so Yofiore was sort of the next logical choice,

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                  1. re: seneca

                    Oh and it's not exactly yougurt, but (fingers crossed) the custard truck will hopefully be returning to the little playground at the end of Pierrepont Street (by the Promenade) soon.

                  2. i wish. please bring one here, ASAP!!!

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                    1. re: the_state

                      ok please can i have the intersection of the commercial street,so i can go and check the location .thanks