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Apr 18, 2008 11:27 AM

Good waterfront restaurant in Fairfield Cty?

I'm looking for a good waterfront restaurant for Saturday night between Greenwich and Westport. Any cuisine is fine, and price is not an issue. Upscale but not stuffy would be ideal.

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  1. Harbor Lights in Norwalk is the first one that comes to my mind. See info at

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      You're right...I said Harborview, but the correct name is Harbor Lights.

    2. Positanos in Westport. Very expensive, decent food, and great views of the water. Harborview and Sunset Grill in Norwalk. I've heard very good things about Harborview (sorry, I've never been), and may be a little more upscale than SG. Stamford has a number of restaurants that are located at marinas...sort of waterfront. Saltwater Grille, for one. Stamford Landing always had 1 or 2 decent restaurants, although I haven't been down there in a couple of years. I'm sure there will be a bunch of solid recommendations coming your way, so good luck.

      1. L'Escale in G'wich very stuffy/pricey
        Rowayton Seafood in Rowayton great, small and tough to get reso
        SONO Seafood in SONO - basic Cape Cod Beach food place with a nice deck. Lots of people like this place. Jfood thinks it is very expensive for what you get.
        Harbor Lights in Norwalk - Very Good food with a nice deck
        Overton's - fry food place next to Harbor Lights
        Sunset Grille in Norwalk - Little jfood ate there the other night and was nice for a 22-year old

        For jfood's money, Rowayton or Harbor Lights or pass. Others just do not give that warm and fuzzy fun, great saturday night vibe.

        1. Splash at Longshore in Westport has good food and a fun atmosphere.

          1. As usual I agree with Jfood that Rowayton Seafood or Harbor Lights are the way to go.

            Sibeats - is Splash at Longshore the same as the Inn at Longshore? if so I looked into having my wedding there, and while it's technically on the coast, it really wasn't what I considered waterfront. Maybe Im confused though and they are 2 different places?!

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              It is the same place. It is on the water, perhaps not "coast", but harbor? If you sit on the deck, you are definitely looking out over the water. Doesn't seem drastically different than the view from RS or HL to me, but I might be "coastally" challenged!