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Apr 18, 2008 11:27 AM

Sushi in Studio City?

I saw a list of sushi place recommended on Metromix. I wonder how's fellow hounder's experience in this list? Any of them actually can go into your top-3 list per se? I am not living on the west side, so I don't have much personal experience in the neighbourhood.

btw, Tama and Kazu are both on the list.

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  1. Asanebo.

    11941 Ventura Boulevard
    Studio City

      1. Sushi Don Sasabune for take away and/or late lunch (only open till 8pm, I think, but open all day, unlike most other sushi places)

        Teru Sushi is exe (like they say on metromix) but the quality is good and the occassional star spotting *is* fun.

        1. On weekday afternoons Iroha is preferable. The article's depiction of it as the boulevard's "elder sushi statesman" is apt. At lunchtime, the Iroha Bento can be highly recommended.

          1. Avoid Midori Sushi unless you're okay with sub-standard all-you-can-eat fare and rocket fuel hot sake.