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Apr 18, 2008 11:13 AM

going to vetri

so i'm going to vetri tonight. Was looking for some input from the board - and read saturnius review of osteria, which kinda bummed me out. Hoping everything will be ok. Any suggestions on what some of the stellar dishes might be?

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  1. From Craig LaBan's 2006 review (if you haven't already read it).

    It's hard to resist such bounty, even at $28. Likewise, I can rarely pass up any number of Vetri's classics - the cocoa-dusted chestnut fettuccine with boar ragu; the ethereal spinach gnocchi; the sublime turbot over crisp potatoes; the chocolate-polenta souffle; or the lavender gelato drizzled with hot olive oil. These are the powerfully good creations that have earned Vetri national recognition.

    1. Some of my faves are...

      Spinach Gnocchi
      Casoncelli with sage and pancetta
      Roasted goat
      Whole roasted branzino
      Chocolate polenta souffle

      Hope you enjoy no matter what you order.

      1. The Spinach Gnocchi is incredible (its like eating spinach-flavored air, given some heft by ricotta salata and brown butter)

        The Goat is great here's what Frank Bruni (NYTimes) had to say about it:
        "Vetri is where you find the goat. It’s spit-roasted over oak in the parking lot out back before it’s finished in the oven inside, and it emerges from the process in such crunchy, fatty and tender form that I could make a case for goat’s being the new duck, or duck on testosterone therapy. Mr. Vetri relishes big, brawny dishes."
        "But I’ll say this: if I were in Philadelphia and slated to dine at Vetri tonight, I’d be thrilled.
        And I’d get the goat."

        The sweet onion crepe is wonderful, although very simple and you may feel like you could make it at home (and you can).

        I've also heard good things about the guinea hen breast, but we didn't get it in the form that it's on the menu, we got it in tortellini in a hen broth.

        PS there will always be people who aren't pleased by a restaurant, it's just the nature of the business. The feedback here and on other boards and blogs has been overwhelmingly positive, so don't be discouraged by one or two bad experiences.

        1. How was Vetri? I plan to go with my family next month.

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            It was great. I had the sweet onion crepe and it was - divine, and the roasted turbot. The plates were not huge - if I went back i might do the tasting menu - but I was a little chicken to try it the first time. But the dining experience as a whole was something akin to my experiences of going to lacroix or le bar (i've never been to le bec fin). It was very special.