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Apr 18, 2008 11:09 AM

Gourmet Potluck Dish?

I'm going to a potluck in a couple weeks and I'm looking for something unique and ridiculously delicious...I lean towards asian flavors, but am open to any ideas...

Also, I have a potluck nemesis who seems to always bring the same dish I do...Last time we both brought asian style chicken wings and I have to admit, hers were much better than mine...

So please, help me find a unique, delicious potluck dish that will appease the masses and leave my nemesis begging for the recipe...

I'm thinking something w/ chicken thighs or skirt steak.

Thanks in advance for all your help! ~

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  1. How about a chicken satay? It's not the MOST exciting thing, but it would be great with the thighs, and if you do it well, it'll be very popular. Maybe add a pineapple cube to grill at the end of each skewer?

    1. Chicken sang choy bao ... or lettuce wraps, Asian style. Stir fry the minced chicken thigh with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, lovely veggies, and serve either on endive leaves (for the snobby touch) or bibb lettuce leaves. There are good recipes online.

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        This Idea is not asian but I have taken my recipe for bbq country style pork ribs.
        boiled in pineapple juice and broiled with bullseye bbq sauce, cut into 2" cubes
        and I have seen 5 secratary`s come from they full plate and used there hands
        to grab one of those ribs before I started cutting them up in cubes. the people
        in line would get so mad because the ribs would`nt last until they got there. It
        is a very easy recipe and the ribs are so tender you have to use a spatula to
        pick them up. there won`t be any to take home. trust me!!!

        1. re: bigjimbray

          country style pork ribs are a great idea! i think i'll probably use a more asian style recipe, but thanks for putting me in the right direction...:o)

      2. Does coconut curry sauce appeal to the masses? This is a good recipe for basil chicken and coconut curry sauce. You can play around w/ all the spices if you think it might be too much for everyone. I like to leave some seeds in the jalapenos for spiciness but you can wash it out if you want.

        1. Stuffed chicken legs with Couscous from Silver Palate Goodtimes is delicious.

          1. Chicken Marbella - Silver Palate (I make this dish with thighs)

            Ina Garten's Roasted Vegetables and Orzo salad

            Rachel Ray's Steak & Bloody Mary Bites, can be made with skirt steak.

            Nigella's Feta, Watermelon Salad.

            Ina's Chinese Chicken (I make it with rotissarie from Costco).

            Or Giada's Chicken Tetrazini - can be made with thighs.

            I have made all of the above, and they are all outstanding.

            Got rave reviews!