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Apr 18, 2008 11:00 AM


Tomorrow the weather will be so beautiful we want to spend the afternoon just strolling, then stop for a drink & a munchie, stroll some more then stop for a drink & a munchie and so on. We are thinking of the EV or West Village...or Union Sq. to ???? We figure we'd start out in the mid to late afternoon, somewhere around 2'ish. If you were doing this what would be your route with stops? We aren't looking for the Nosh Walks for anything like that...just a lazy day, walking the city (we can walk a lot) stopping for a drink and eating appetizers. Suggest away, please!

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  1. Do a search for RGR's LES Gustatory Itinerary. It's awesome. Note that because it's Saturday, some of the Jewish establishments will be closed.

    See also these walking and eating and munching and noshing tours:

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      Is there a specific website for RGR's Lower East Side Gustatory Tour, ie. when are where to meet, price of tickets?

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        RGR is a regular poster here. Her tour has been posted multiple times on the Manhattan board:

    2. Thanks kathryn. I'm also looking more for places to sit and have a drink and order an appetizer. Kind of like a drink/appetizer crawl. For example, when we've done this before we've started at Union Square walking throught the green market. Then to In Vino for a drink & brushetta...cross the street to Perbacco for a drink and appetizer...then Mercandito for a drink/appetizer...etc.

      I'm looking for new places in the hood to do the same at. Some places don't open till 5pm. So, going to places that do open before 5pm and those that do to...suggestions???