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Best restaurants in Eagle Rock?

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Need recommendations for moderately priced restaurant with good food in Eagle Rock.

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  1. If pizza works, you must try Casa Bianca on Colorado. You will probably have to wait but it is so worth it. I was born and raised in Hollywood and never knew L.A. pizza could be this good until I was a student at Occidental.

    Casa Bianca Pizza Pie
    1650 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041

    1. Auntie Em's, Senor Fish, and Sicha Siam on eagle rock blvd are all amazing and not pricey. on Colorado, i love Brownstone Pizza.

      1. Columbo's Steak House

        Get the steak, ignore everything else.

        Colombo's Italian Steakhouse
        1833 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

        1. The Oinkster, Fatty's & Co.

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          1. I second Casa Bianca; Tuesday through Thursday. When listing your name, you may consider requesting a booth, which will be preferable to a table.

            While you wait, you might stroll up the block to the Chalet. They have several excellent beers on tap and an eclectic jukebox.

            1. Cafe Beaujolais has great french for good prices. Get the halibut.

              1. I like Larkin's and Spitz. Not a big fan of Casa Bianca - personally it's not worth the wait. There are lots of debates about this place on CH. If you want pizza, I would recommend going up the street to Brownstone Pizza (and on your way stop at Colorado Wine Company to bring).

                These are in addition to my faves - Senor Fish and Oinkster (already mentioned).

                Also --- a hop, skip and jump away is The York (in Highland Park).

                1. In Eagle Rock proper, heading from west to east: Filipino fast food under Target in the mall, Spitz for the doner kebab, Dave's Chillin and Grillin for the sausage and meatball or french dip sandwiches, Brownstone Pizza for cheese pizza with a bit of an NYC flave (actually closest to Benny Tudino's in Hoboken, but I know that's a hopelessly obscure reference!) Oinkster for pulled pork and pastrami and Ube shakes, skip Blue Hen and the taco joint, sandwiches at the Italian bakery (though I'm mad they won't give you fresh mozza with your meat anymore), Casa Bianca for eggplant and sausage pie that doesn't taste anything like NYC (hence, original!), skip the nasty people at the veggie place Fatty's, fried chicken and the fruit juice at Larkin's. I'm on the fence about the two Boulangerie places, good vibe and decent but inherently bland food.

                  Head south on Eagle Rock blvd or on Figueroa or take in York and your options expand, but this post is probably long enough. My Taco (for the lamb special), Huarache Azteca (for huarache adobado), Auntie Em's (for yuppie breakfast and lunch eating), and SenorFish (for scallop burritos) are pretty mandatory, and the hamburger at the York ain't nothing to sniff at. Dollar pupusa nights early in the week at La Arca on Fig are a good deal, too.