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Saturday Night Dinner for 7 in CC Phila - BYO possible?

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We have a friends/family coming from out of town next Saturday. This is somewhat last minute, but I am hoping we can get a reservation at a BYO for dinner. The ideal place would have excellent food, be priced at no more than $35-$40 pp, possibly have outside seating, tolerate some boisterousness (i.e., be "fun" for a small crowd), and be walking distance from queen village (2nd st/Catherine). We took 2 members of the group to Cochon previously and loved it, so that is a possibility (tho no outdoor seating, and I'd like to branch out). We'd be willing to cab it if the right place was across town, and might consider a non-byo that was fun/good food and walkable.

Is this an impossible dream? Where would you go? Any suggestions?

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  1. You live near some of the city's best restaurants! Ansill and Southwark are right there, neither is BYO but they are both great, and Southwark has outdoor seating. I was going to suggest Cochon until I got midway through your post. The Ugly American is also excellent, though again not BYO, and no outdoor seating. It's a block south of Washington on Front St.

    I think you may want to forget about outdoor seating for this occassion, even places that have it will have a hard time seating 7 people at the same table outside, where the seating is usually on the sidewalk. Southwark may be able to accommodate you though, their outdoor seating is in a little courtyard separated from the sidewalk.

    1. Pat Bombino's at 9th and Catherine fits your criteria--great, fairly inexpensive food, outside tables, and not too stuffy or formal. I would most recommend the chicken Alfredo, gnocchi, and if it's on the menu that night, calamari.