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Apr 18, 2008 09:46 AM

Oberweis Dairy - a Chicago thing?

I know Jim Oberweis is from around here, but would you consider Oberweis ice cream to be a Chicago thing?

I couldn't tell because it's a Midwest chain, but it started her, right? I love their milk and ice cream!

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  1. The Oberweis family started being in the dairy business from their farm in Aurora Illinois in 1910. They made house to house deliveries and later had a small retail store where you could come and buy mike and ice cream but I don't remember it selling ice cream by the cone, just in the gallon and pint packaging. They moved their operations out on Randall Road in North Aurora about 10 years ago and opened an ice cream shop there with a place were you can view in to the dairy operations. I think it's been only in the last 5-6 years that they began opening retail outlets around Chicago. They still do deliveries and their products are in the local super markets here (Fox Valley)

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      They've been making ice cream and serving it for a looooong time -- the picture on this page is from 1951:

      That store was on Lake St in Aurora BEFORE the tollroad went out that way! They used to have the HQ of their investment firm right up the street in a little office like an insurance agent might have...

      I think the first dairy store /scoop shop out side of Aurora that opened was in the 90's on Roosevelt in Glen Ellyn, probably still there. I did some work for one of the first marketing people, she has a lot of foodies connections and was way ahead of the whole "organic" thing but did not want to get into the whole "spokesmodel" or lifestyle issue. Their skim milk tastes better than anybody elses' because they really process it better than any other dairy would care to.

      If expensive to do it that way and they charge about double what any other milk costs but it is worth it.

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      1. i didn't know that it was a chicago thing! i'd just like to know how the locations always manage to smell so aggressively clean. for some reason, that always make me want to eat ice cream.

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