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Apr 18, 2008 08:51 AM

Downtown Outdoor Weekday Lunch?

The weather is beautiful,and probably will be for the next 2 weeks, at which point it will be unbearable, haha.

I went to Breadline yesterday and that was great.
Any other good out door lunch places for people who are working? (as opposed to visting/vacationing?)


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  1. Morton's downtown at Farragut has a nice balcony
    Zaytinya although they don't take reservations for outside
    Bottom Line Grill
    I don't like Teaism, but lots of people do...
    I think Matchbox has some outdoor seating.

    1. carryout on the woody plaza in front of the Willard between 14 and 15 and Pennsylvania. ducks. water. trees. hillocks.

      1. Matchbox and PS7 in Penn Quarter have outdoor eating areas. So does Poste, but if memory serves me correctly its pretty small.

        If you are willing to head over to Dupont area you can check out CF Folks, Dupont Grille, Mai Thai and Kramerbooks and Afterwards.