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Apr 18, 2008 08:36 AM

ISO - Restaurant w/Patio close to Scotia Bank (Paramount) Theatre

Okie, so I know there are a ton of choices, especially around the King West strip but I'm looking for some suggestions nonetheless :)

The BF and I are going to see 'Shine a Light' at the Imax tonight and are looking for a patio where we can share a couple of apps and a bevy or two. We're not looking for full meals as it's an early show, and we're also not looking to break the bank.

Oh...and the drinks but the food is not so good, and that's being kindly stated.

Any suggestions (other than Hooter's ;-) ) would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Right across the street from the theatre, there's a tapas bar called Cayo Coco. Food isn't spectacular, but they have a small patio, and you can have a couple of apps and drinks there.
    There is always the Black Bull on Queen @ Peter, but I must admit, I've never had the food there. Great patio for peole watching though.

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    1. re: dragonflygrl

      Thanks so much. The Black Bull is an awesome patio...waiting for a table is not so awesome :( I was just there Tuesday after work and I waited for half an hour which I'm sure will be double the wait time tonight. I do LOVE the people watching though :) On another note, they don't serve pitchers which is kind of strange?

      I'm liking this Cayo Coco option...going to check out their menu now!

        1. re: Dimbulb

          Patio looks amazing, but looks more like the place for dinner?

          1. re: FeelinFineSunshine

            Nebermind. The patio doesn't open till May. But you can go and just have drinks. If they were open...

    2. I get mocked regularly by my friends for my appreciation of the rooftop patio at Wayne Gretzky's - until I bring them there and they understand the method to my madness. It's a really nice space. The food won't change your life, but it's decent bar grub.

      1. It's not glam, but there's a Fox and Fiddle pub at John and Adelaide with a small rooftop space which can be good for people watching (including a view of the Hooter's rooftop, which can be astonishingly amusing). The location is pretty ideal - and they do have some pub-y snacks.

        Alice Fazooli's, also at Adelaide and John) also has a patio (not positive whether it's open)

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        1. re: Rabbit

          Thank you Rabbit, COTS and Dimbulb. All great suggestions :) So here's my plan...definately going to Queen Mother but in May when their patio opens. It looks like a great place and I'm not sure how I've managed to not have been before? It's a puzzler. WG's is a good idea. I've been there once b4 to watch my beloved Leafs play. I was surprised by the lack of places to sit for game viewing so I thought I wouldn't be back. What I completely forgot about was that they have a ROOFTOP PATIO!!!! I think it's called Oasis?

          Fox and Fiddle, love it go all the time, but I know that it's a teensy patio and the chances of lucking out on a table is small...but it could happen and your right...the patio across the street does make for entertaining viewing.

          Alice Fazooli's, I walked by at lunch and their patio is open, but the appy selections are limited.

          So I think we're going to check out WG's rooftop. At least we won't have to watch the Leafs lose :)

          1. re: FeelinFineSunshine

            Yes exactly it's called the Oasis...gets a ton of sun. I wish I was there right now, actually.

        2. What about Everest on Queen? I haven't tried the food but it always seems busy, so that's got to say something right? (I hope!)