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Apr 18, 2008 08:35 AM

Spiedini al Romano in Queens?

If you've never had Spiedini al Romano before, you owe it to yourself to try it. It's a baked skewer of bread and cheese (one slice of bread, one slice of cheese, one slice of breaad, one slice of cheese, etc...), usually an Italian bread and mozzerella. Baked and then topped with anchovies, capers and lemon-butter sauce. It's a sure fire artery clogger but the taste is extraordinary. The best I've ever had is at Carmines in the city. Does anyone know if any of the Italian restaurants in Queens serves this dish? I would love to not have to travel to the UWS every few weeks to satisfy this craving.

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  1. I'd bet Piccola Venezia can whip some up for you.
    I have anchovies w/roasted peppers there sometimes. They definitely have the other ingredients.

    1. it's not queens, but you can get yourself some spiedini al romano on arthur avenue. My favorite is at Mario's, In fact, I want to try other places on arthur avenue, but I can't give up that appetizer!

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        Thanks for the tip, but the BX would be a longer trip than Carmines on the UWS, at least for me.

      2. It's not Queens but Cono and Sons on Graham Ave. in Williamsburg makes good Spedini.
        It's one block from the Graham Ave. stop on the L train.