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Apr 18, 2008 08:17 AM

Anyone been to the Bridgeport Rib House?

We're going to see a band at the Bridgeport Rib House and I was wondering how the BBQ is there?

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  1. I love the Rib House! The hot and honey BBQ sauce is out of this world. I like the baby back ribs and their wings. Their cole slaw and baked beans are great, too. Enjoy!

    1. I was there once with my dad and sister. I enjoyed the baby back ribs, but nothing else. The chicken was dry. The regular ribs were fatty and chewy. The onion rings were out of a bag.

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        I got ribs to go twice...liked their sauce...but I found the ribs on both occassions to be dry and chewy. Now I have a smoker and do my own...much better!

      2. Been for lunch a couple time, Actually, not bad.. I agree that the baby back ribs are better than the regular ribs. Hot n Honey is very tasty.
        Otherwise the beans, slaw, texas toast, etc..are straightforward/good, though nothing extraordinary.

        1. nothing special there. you're better off making them at home.